Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 98: The Callback Episode!

Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 98: The Callback Episode!

Sep 11
Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 98: The Callback Episode!

This week!

  • My mind doesn’t work that way!
  • Children and Photos….
  • Fat Shaming!
  • It’s God’s Law!
  • A video game review!
  • And more!

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  • – In your defense, Lance, I didn’t know about the clapboard deal until more recently. Like 10 years ago or so
    – I like having all this extra stuff at the beginning of the show that no one else gets to hear. Makes me feel special
    – A Star Trek show? Could this be the first show in the Network I don’t listen to?
    – For all the crap Adam was speaking about how bad Jared sounded, Adam sounded terrible today
    – I’m learning that even with an engraved invitation (King of Trios, card games, etc.) Jared…err…Lance…is proving me right the he just won’t show up
    – Lots of Lance Revelations today, what that clapboard is for, kids are crazy. The definition of “hot takes”
    – I have pics of me and all my brothers from our first days of school, pretty much every year up to sixth grade. There was just no Facebook then
    – So, the art project sign and all that. Is that a direct shot at April?
    – Also, for someone not motivated to do Dadstractions anymore seemed to be saving some stuff here
    – They mentioned this fat shaming video on Carolla. If only it was funny
    – My son plays with both trucks, super heroes, gross monsters as well as Shopkins and My Little Pony. Perhaps he’ll be gender fluid?
    – The only people you can ‘shame’ or are still are target acceptable to everyone is rich whitey
    – I purposely avoided the recent Kim Davis stuff waiting for you guys to cover it
    – Where’s the bell for Brian’s rage screams? I’m at three
    – “I saw a meme today…”
    – See, Lance, I’d be down for a 2 hour plus show every week, you are the one trying to keep things under an hour
    – I got you on 2 out of three of those purchases
    – WOW? Shots fired at…yourself, Brian?