Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 96: Too Old!

Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 96: Too Old!

Aug 27
Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 96: Too Old!

This week!

  • Mistakes were made!
  • We review Ian’s new podcast!
  • The Curse of Jared!
  • “The Great 2015 Pokemon Murders”
  • A little Summer Slam talk!
  • We break down Fraternities!
  • And more!

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  • Raymond Clevenger

    – Brian, why you no play MPQ??
    – I am interested in ANY ways to improve editing. My editing skills consist of: 1) I downloaded audacity a couple weeks ago. 2) There is no #2.
    – What were the actual laws violated by taking firearms to the contest? I ask because I do not wish to be arrested as a terrorist.
    – I’ve been coughing a lot and my ribs are sore, but Jared’s girl falling story made me think I was going to die the ribs hurt so bad.
    – I have my own theory about Star Wars prison break…curious about yours.

    • Jared Lanham

      I smell a new podcast….Star Wars Economics 101!

  • – Fancy opening theme!
    – You guys thought you were wrong, but you were mistaken
    – I’m glad I waited for the ‘edited’ version of this podcast
    – Instead of asking Brian what I would say, you can ask me directly, it’s not like you get an email every week from me
    – I will state this once again, NO ONE got an invitation to come see Fantastic Four. Two months ago, Todd & I mentioned we were going to see it live at a drive in. Listeners to our show said they were willing to drive out and join us. I mentioned it on our show many, many times and saw no interest from anyone in this email so I didn’t feel a direct invitation was needed
    – Living Dolls! Wow, that’s way too obscure even for me!
    – Forgot to continue shaming Brian for no longer playing MPQ
    – No Ian for the next two weeks?
    – I’d like to see Brian’s scathing reviews of the show
    – Also, maybe I can share Brian and my emails from earlier this week about how to help us all?
    – In addition to the Jared’s Kids foundation, they haven’t paid the $5.00 per year fee to keep in the charity database since 2008
    – Also, when Jared was at your illustrious PSU, he ran a pron (spelled wrong for a reason) rental business out of his dorm room
    – That’s like the Norm MacDonald joke that they say gambling is a disease. But it’s the only disease where you can win a bunch of money!
    – Prior to this recent scandal, would anyone you recognize Jared if you saw him on the street? Would any of you care?
    – You are all acting like Jared is going to make it out of jail….
    – “The Pokemon Community?”
    – The fact that the MTG butt crack guy is praying in all his photos is great

  • Raymond Clevenger

    Let Brian know I’ve remastered the podcast using Adam techniques. BTW, a huge thanks to Adam for helping! I, not an audiophile, would say it sounds a little better…