Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 95: No Trespassing with Jared!

Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 95: No Trespassing with Jared!

Aug 20
Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 95: No Trespassing with Jared!

This Week!

  • The boys make 2 year anniversary plans!
  • Some quick Fantastic Four talk!
  • The economics of Star Wars!
  • Batman Dies!
  • Game of Names!
  • Ian pimps his new podcast!
  • A full bag of Hometown Heroes!
  • And more!

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  • – my jam is irrational anger

    – Brian is literally Disney Boy in a Disney World

    – You can talk to me Jared, I’m good at keeping the kayfabe. I wouldn’t tell Brian poop if my mouth was full of it

    – Todd & I were at the drive in, in our car talking over Fantastic Four. Disturbing no one. I’m sure if we were in a movie theater, there would have been the same amount of people that there was in our car

    – I would love a complete unpacking of the Josh Trank FF

    – That d*ck Adam Carolla? You are really are a lefty, Jared…

    – “Iggy Igz”

    – I’m sad any of you know anything about the Kardashians

    – For someone who is looking for my input, you would think he would respond to emails or FB messages

    – Fresher and Parlance and LBH After Dark are both filthy, FYI

    – The invitation for all three of you to join us was mentioned on the show MULTIPLE times. And spoken about on FB. An engraved invite was not sent as I felt, and correctly so based on listening to this episode, none of you would have shown up.

    – There is a tentative plan to do the same for Deadpool this February so consider this your invitation to be ignored and forgotten about

    – “That is a big ‘ol felony”