Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 146: Ill-Conceived!

Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 146: Ill-Conceived!

Apr 24
Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 146: Ill-Conceived!

This week!

  • Trailer Talk!
  • Hometown Hero!
  • Pepsi speaks to the masses!
  • United Airlines, fly the friendly skies!
  • World News!
  • and more!

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  • – see, I got Brian’s trailer joke
    – I’m with Jared, the Last Jedi teaser seemed bland. Even seemed to be featuring a ton of footage from the prior film
    – Jared sounding super jaded re: the future of Star Wars and that’s a bummer
    – Beta Ray Bill has been back for some time, you’re missing out
    – US Agent was back as recently as a year-ish a go, fighting on the side of the political right against Sam Wilson, the current Cap
    – YEAH, DYLAN, where’s yer movie list?
    – It’s always fun to guess when this episode was recorded re: Hometown Heroes segment “I hope they get him”
    – Brian with hot exclusives, albeit several weeks late, I’ll take ‘em!
    – The more stories I hear, the more I hate Berkley
    – “the optics are awful” stop buying into their terms
    – My recommendation is to find your local comic store next weekend for Free Comic Book Day