Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 143: The Prodscars!

Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 143: The Prodscars!

Mar 07
Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 143: The Prodscars!

This week!

  • It’s the First Annual Prodscars!
  • And that’s about it!

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  • – best bi-weekly podcast on the ‘Net
    – Listening to this on Thursday? That’s rich!
    – Next year, it will be gay Latinas
    – Prodskers…rolls right off the tongue
    – Adam going for hipster cred with his pick
    – I’m hashtag Team Ian for Best Picture, and with him chastising Jared for saying ‘feels’
    – I had no desire to see Legion, and this discussion did not make me want to see it any more
    – I will never reinvest in Agents of SHIELD, I have to watch the Neon Demon instead
    – With Brian’s choice for worst movie, he is a misogynist
    – Rogue One is not perfect, but I hate that it’s not cool to be a fan of a thing anymore
    – I’m also with Ian on most overrated!
    – Am I wrong in thinking Moana was just OK?
    – The Rock is deservedly the highest paid actor in the world
    – I would guess re: Logan they were filming an R-rated film which could be edited to PG-13
    – If Brian had his way, none of us would have podcasts anymore

  • Raymond Clevenger

    * Best Picture: Dr. Strange
    * Worst: Ghostbusters. However, I haven’t seen it, or any bad movies….I haven’t seen many movies. I was amused that Jared’s worst were two Margot Robbie movies.
    * Overrated: Suicide Squad. I got so tired of hearing about it I don’t even want to see it. Rogue One brought people back into liking Star Wars cinema, so I don’t see how it’s ‘overrated’. It’s not perfect, but was hyped appropriately.
    * Underrated: Never heard of Moana until this podcast. Definitely not hyped.
    Surprised: Deadpool. Surprised it met my expectations. (<- typed before Brian started talking) What Brian says.