Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 142: An Appropriate Response

Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 142: An Appropriate Response

Feb 20
Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 142: An Appropriate Response

This week!

  • Some V-Day plans!
  • Dying Alone!
  • Hometown Heroes!
  • KKK Murder!
  • Where to Invade Next!
  • Oh Canada!
  • The Handshake!
  • Playboy returns to its roots!
  • And more!

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  • – My Valentine’s Day plans were to record my dumb podcast
    – There are a plethora of Greek diners in the Allentown area
    – Once kids come along, nothing, birthdays, Christmas, all of it, is no longer about you
    – This is news that Kim is taking Tap lessons!
    – Jared, you’ll be happy to know I’m raising my son to be a godless heathen
    – I always say to my wife my dream in life, the gift I want more than anything, is to be left alone
    – Playing Goldeneye with you clods at state college stopped my forward progression on video games
    – I’m gonna watch that Happy Valley doc post haste
    – “studying medicine”
    – Chatterbait? Dischord? I’m missing so much of the internet
    – Regarding Ian’s story, I’m just glad Daniel Carver is OK
    – Another part of my wife’s influence, my son HATES the idea of soda. The worst thing he drinks is the low calorie Gatorade
    – There has to be more to the story of Jared taking the principal’s daughter to the prom
    – As long as Beaver Hunt and Black Tail are being published, this Playboy news does nothing for me
    – Ohhh, some hot Bob Guccione Jr. news!
    – “You don’t know Goatse?” So incredulous