Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 140: Fish Fight Club

Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 140: Fish Fight Club

Feb 02
Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 140: Fish Fight Club

This week!

  • Pet Stories!
  • Another Jared Nemesis!
  • What to boycott this week!
  • The Ban!
  • And everything else!

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  • – The episode literally JUST went up and it already has 240 down loads! Thanks Asian click farms!
    – That kitten story is a bummer
    – No, the story of Spunky was worst
    – My horrible ‘pet’ story is from 9th grade where my mom’s tarantula was eaten alive by the very crickets it would feed on in between shedding its skin
    – Jared you certainly do sound like the grim reaper of animals
    – Fish Fight Club? And Brian is the monster…
    – You are correct, Judd Winick stinks out loud
    – You are a few days behind guys, if you are pro-Trump, you have to boycott Twitter, if you are anti-Trump, you have to boycott Marvel
    – “Something changed after the election” no kidding…
    – I demand Adam do a guest spot on Profane Argument