Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 127: The Scarecrow and Mr. Edsell!

Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 127: The Scarecrow and Mr. Edsell!

Jun 10
Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 127: The Scarecrow and Mr. Edsell!

This week!

  • Fox’s new ad campaign!
  • Harambe!
  • Donald Drumph!
  • We review X-Men Apocalypse
  • We discuss the season finales of all our favorite and most hated TV Shows!
  • And more!

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  • – I’m glad Ian’s getting a drubbing here
    – I’ll never leave you guys…except for the GoT episodes
    – They say only 1% of your fan base will actively comment/interact with you online
    – With Ian gone, you can do what you want!
    – I did not know about this Rose McGowan angle on the X-Men Apocalypse poster
    – ‘Another woman not that versed in X-Men’ just say Diana
    – I just wish they got a quote from that dentist who shot Cecil the Lion on this gorilla story
    – How much of what Adam said is gonna get edited out?
    – ‘what separates me from Trump supporters?’ a few chromosomes?
    – ‘I am the expert’ no you’re not, Jared….

  • Stinkpalm-of-reddit

    I am from Cincinnati, and can speak about the zoo bit. First, Thayne Maynard, the director, has been around forever. He did local news spots promoting the zoo when I was in grade school. He was usually so passionate, so to see him that matter-of-factly “the decision was made to take Karambe’s life, so he’s gone” was as somber as I have ever seen him.

    The zoo is located close to The University of Cincinnati, but not necessarily a great part of town. And all sorts of people people go to my zoo. Just my $.02…

    As to child. Mom also evidently had an infant in a stroller, and couldn’t just jump in after the three year old. Also, multiple adults were alleged to have “tried to grab the kid” when he made his way through barriers, rails, etc. They all failed.

    The most egregious thing is that the Gorilla was on loan from Miami’s zoo, and while those zookeepers were 100% on board with my zoo’s decision, everyone channeled their inner Jack Hanna and wanted to talk about how peaceful that gorilla was.

    Dumb #%@&@%#&$”

    Siegfried and Roy stopped doing magic for months because one of their tigers went tiger. And in this day of, “any-and-every goes viral”, what we don’t need is for this kid’s unfortunate visit w a silverback to be the second coming of Faces of Death.

    Ollie and Felicity won’t go away, because that fanbase is riddles with teenage girls. Arrow will become the DC soap opera.

  • Alicia Meyer

    Many episodes ago, Jared referred to Trump as an orange orangutan. Every time you guys talk politics, I remember that I wanted to share this with you (but I’m too lazy to search for the original episode so I’m commenting here). Jared — if you would wear this on a shirt, I’ll send you one! Thanks for the fun podcast. I enjoy the mix of humor, serious topics discussed irreverently, stories, and general co-podcaster harassment.

    • Jared Lanham

      I love it, and yes I will wear it!