Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 124: Civil War!!!

Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 124: Civil War!!!

May 13
Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 124: Civil War!!!

This week!

It’s all about what Brian and Jared thought about Captain America: Civil War!!! With not one impression of our other co-hosts…who didn’t show for this one! Enjoy!

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  • – the real men, eh?
    – This does feel like an odd episode of Prime Defective
    – ‘this episode is coming out on a Thursday’ hilarious!
    – Have we been spoiled by how good the other Marvel movies have been making the newer ones lacking through no fault of their own?
    – As much as I love the first Avengers film (not Captain America the First Avenger) it’s like fourth on my list, maybe third
    – I’m glad there is no editing on this puppy
    – ‘I think 3-D scrambled my brain’
    – I wanna know who was calling Jared
    – Martin Freeman’s character is going to be a big part of the Black Panther movie, he was a key (goofball) character in the defining Panther run from the early ‘00’s
    – I am very glad I waited to see the Rouge One trailer for the first time on the big screen

  • Stinkpalm-of-reddit

    Spider-Man was great; a good way to decompress after the events preceding it. I’m excited to see teenage Spider-Man. I’m excited to see NOT-the Green Goblin as the main villain.

    Before this movie, I had no idea why there needed to be a Black Panther movie. But after watching it, I *NEED* a Black Panther movie. What’s more, I gather KLAW will make an appearance in the Black Panther movie. And I can’t wait for that.

    Zemo needs to have an argument with Klaw, get disfigured, and don the mask. Everett Ross didn’t need to be in the movie. They *SHOULD* have included Maria Hill. That said, I’m glad they included Martin Freeman. He’s so great.

    It wasn’t the best Marvel movie yet. I struggle rating Cap 2: Winter Soldier or GoTG as the best MCU movie.

    But it was damn good.

    • Jared Lanham

      Well put, Sir.