Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 120: It Was Like Passing A Kidney Stone

Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 120: It Was Like Passing A Kidney Stone

Apr 08
Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 120: It Was Like Passing A Kidney Stone

This week!

  • Kidney Stones!
  • Batman v Superman thoughts.
  • A Prod Pod Weekend!
  • Teenage Rehabs!
  • A returning nemesis!
  • We shit on the internet!
  • And more!

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  • – better late than never….wait…where’s Adam?
    – Brian with no sympathy for Adam, my wife has passed two, MAN UP!
    – Get Kim on the air!
    – WOW, Jared’s scathing review of BvS
    – What you and everyone saw as ‘Sad Affleck’ was a man quietly counting all of his money and the number of teenage runaways he’ll be banging while wearing a Batman suit
    – Jared’s review is worse than the movie itself
    – ‘Eff the listeners!’ why you guys are the best!
    – Oh, Jared, let’s all pretend I run anything
    – ‘playfully racists and beat up two chicks’
    – Icarus now listens to Prime Defective, FWIW
    – I feel bad for Ian that he lives in fear when taking his child out. I look like a monster and act like a normal human when out with my son. I say hi to people, I interact with them. If I don’t now, I worry my son will be an outcast in later years
    – This is Brian’s wheelhouse, memes and so forth, and why I hate them

  • Stinkpalm-of-reddit

    BvS was closer to a “Batman featuring Superman” movie that was bullied about by execs. Batman/Superman: Public Enemies, Batman: Under The Red Hood, The Dark Knight Returns, and even Justice League: WAR tell the stories of these characters so much better.

    Ben Affleck was a good Batman. Jeremy Irons was a good Alfred. Gal Gadot was an awesome Wonder Woman. Frankly, we have no frame of reference other than Linda Carter, so she gets a soft pass.

    Barry Allen as a stoner pothead scientist is closer to Abby from NCIS than ever it is a true investigative crime scene sort-of cop. He comes across as a slurpee sucking douche that got into science so he could pass his own piss tests. He doesn’t come across as a speedster.

    If Batman is constantly having these worthless sort of dreamsy-visions, wouldn’t the detective / scientific method suggest that he get his head checked? Wouldn’t you, as The WB, want to take this opportunity to plant the seeds of a huge universe? Why not have Bruce visit Kent Nelson to examine his vision? How about Jason Blood? Quick scenes. shouts out to the comic fan base. Shows the WB is thinking about The Future. NOPE.

    How about The clown that had his legs chopped off by Superman’s fight with Zod? Wouldn’t he be a great retelling of the origin of Metallo? “Your death can have meaning” would be a rebirth. Think about it. The “death of his physical body” and rebirth of his form in opposition to Superman would just strengthen Luthor’s plan. Not only was Luthor making something out of Zod. but also he’d be making an army of Superman-haters any chance he got. And it’d have been a powerful scene, too, that when the camera pans into the courtroom, with charred bodies, a T-1000 type character rises from the wheelchair. he closes a panel on his chest, giving ever-so-slightly a peek to a Kryptonite core. You get the red glint form his eye, while the remnants of his fleshy skin-mask reveals that Luthor transformed that clown into Metallo. And I consider this the second fridge nuked in this movie. They wasted so much time with this guy, all so they can kill him off. This was sloppy storytelling.

    But, but, that’s not Metallo’s origin. Look. They’re just making shit up and ignoring canon anyway……Why not at least use familiar names and tell a worthwhile story?

    Luthor. He’s no great planning thinker. He’s an Arkham inmate with daddy issues. Sure, he’s smart. But the point of his plan is not really told through this story. The Luthor from JLA / JLU was calculative; would never be so blatant as to breadcrumb his tracks. He’d be layers removed from incrimination.

    OH OH OH. Then there’s the freaking SHIP! Why not soft-introduce Braniac?

    Chris Pine. When it was announced that WB signed Chris Pine, I know the thought was, “well, he’d be an awesome Hal / Kyle”. Nope. he’s in a picture in this movie. And while you can tell me they edited a lot for time, FFS, the man deserves more than a picture from The Battle of Liege ~ Belgium, 1914.

    I actually liked the Cyborg origin, but mostly because it closely tied to the Justice League: War origin (New 52).

    Aquaman really just mean-mugged a gopro before stabbing it and swimming off. Boring. He should have thrown a whale at it instead.

    There were fun fight scenes. There were good characters. But it felt awfully disjointed. So while we speak to them from a MCU point of view; you know, 8+ years removed from their origin stories……………

    Damnit. It was BAD.

    • Jared Lanham

      Well put my friend. Wish we could have gotten you on the show to discuss it, but I was the only one who had seen it!

      • Stinkpalm-of-reddit

        No worries.