Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 116: It Took 12 Years To Watch!!

Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 116: It Took 12 Years To Watch!!

Feb 26
Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 116: It Took 12 Years To Watch!!

This week!

  • We talk about Deadpool and the impact it has on future movies.
  • Jared does a movie review!
  • And then it’s on to February’s Game Night, hosted by one Ian Goff!
  • And more!

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  • – it’s game night!
    – Adam beat me to the remark about Black History month, I’m getting slow in my old age
    – Ian is the host of game night? Has the world gone topsy turvy?
    – I’m glad you Prod Prodders we’re swayed like the rest of the world by Deadpool
    – That said, Fox (you kept saying Sony, which is wrong) CLAIMS Wolverine 3 was ALWAYS gonna be R-rated, this is just a coincidence
    – Marvel/Disney will never change to as hard of an edge as Fox did, they’ll stick to making good movies.
    – That said, I’m sure you saw the news that Warner is having the home release of Batman vs. Superman be R-rated. And Lobo has been teased on Supergirl, so they have dibs
    – Oh yeah, Young Justice is delightful. Just like the Green Lantern animated series, if a show can’t sell toys, it’s getting dumped
    – And Ian, Teen Titans Go is a delightful show. Practically ‘It’s Always Sunny’ for kids
    – Jared, I look forward to your similar review of ‘the Revenant’ next year
    – Does a three sided die exist?
    – That Oscars question was certainly suspect…
    – SHAMEFUL! I knew all three Simpsons questions!
    – hashtag Ian facts
    – WOW, super mega ultra mess kayfabe to end the show
    – Who would send an email with such a slanderous title?