Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 114: Take My Ass To Taco Bell!

Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 114: Take My Ass To Taco Bell!

Feb 04
Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 114: Take My Ass To Taco Bell!

This week!

  • All over the board celeb talk!
  • A Miracle Aids Cure??
  • Jared and Brian and Accutane.
  • We try a Thought Experiment!
  • We discuss the Michael Jackson road movie.
  • A little Science Time with Adam!
  • And more!

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  • – So IAN is the sick one!
    – I hope Brian was drinking chocolate milk when Ian said that
    – I did not know it was Tom Hanks’ brother who also did the voice for Woody
    – “I know Joe Estevez is a real person”
    – Honestly the best Science Time with Adam ever
    – I’d watch those zit popping videos if Kinder Eggs came out of them
    – I’m glad you discussed the Crackhead Bob passing. A classic Whack Packer
    – “Riley Martin…who is that?” SHAME, Ian!
    – You really need to share these Parlance notes on the show, at least with me
    – My life would not change in the slightest with that magic power, I would keep it secret like Ian would
    – I just heard about this road trip film on Carolla today. Sounds terrible
    – Like Brian, I have Simpsons quotes running through my head all the time, but my son gets none of them and my wife even less
    – I’ve cut back greatly on (diet) soda, to maybe one or two a week. Those machines that let you flavor Sprite Zero and Diet Barqs Root Beer are the only thing keeping me with soda at all
    – Will the new show be part of the Soon to be Named Network? Let me know!
    – That’s a lot of Bach!

  • Stinkpalm-of-reddit

    Obligatory beer-of-the-week post. Guinness Nitro IPA is surprisingly good.

    Also, I listen because the damned Star Wars Ep7 discussion hooked me.

    • Jared Lanham

      And Ian left mid-show for that one!

      • Stinkpalm-of-reddit

        It’s true. And because this movie did so well, people are brainstorming theories on “who Snoke is”, “who Rey is”, “is Finn a Jedi”, etc..

        This is so much more interesting than how much we collectively hate Jar Jar.

        • Jared Lanham

          I hear ya, a better use of our energy.

  • Raymond Clevenger

    – BAM with the movie references. One minute in and I’m being asked why I’m laughing at my computer at work.
    – How many people our age (term used loosely) took accutane? Add me to the list.
    – “Filthy mongrels” – Adam’s funniest line ever.
    – 100% agree with Ian. Keep superpowers on the DL.
    – If you’re stuck on whether something is racist or in violation of ethics, and you’re not sure, you’re looking for a problem and it’s ok.
    – “Carly Fiaroni” – rhymes with macaroni

  • Nick J

    Drinking Brian is best Brian.