Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 113: Dadstractions 2.0!!!

Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 113: Dadstractions 2.0!!!

Jan 28
Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 113: Dadstractions 2.0!!!

This week!

  • It’s Game Night! With special guest host Leonard F. Chikarason!
  • Bullets are a flyin’!
  • The Stickman Cometh!
  • We get literary about Gay Billionaire Dinosaurs…..
  • Deconstructing Kevin Smith!
  • And much, much more!

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  • Nick J

    Brian told me to ‘put words on the screen’ so here they are.
    Give rocket league a shot, it’s an absolute riot! It’s on sale on humble bundle for the next 12 hours for only $13.99.

    • OMG, the internet is actually good for something after all. Thanks for the heads up. Gonna grab it right now.

  • Raymond Clevenger

    – Talking about Celeb deaths I was shouting “ABE VIGODA!” at the computer. Then I realized you record on Monday…

    *Lemmy -Dec 28 @70
    *Natalie Cole -Dec 31 @65
    *Craig Strickland of Backroad Anthem -Jan. 4 at age 29
    *Pat Harrington Jr., (‘One Day at a Time’), died Jan 6 at 86
    *Angus Scrimm (Phantasm actor) died Jan. 9 at 89
    *Michael Galeota (Disney actor) died Jan. 10 at age 31
    *David Bowie died Jan. 10 at 69
    *Monte Irvin, who nearly broke baseball’s color lines before Jackie Robinson, died Jan. 11 at 96
    *David Margulies, the “Ghostbusters” mayor, died Jan. 11 at 78
    *Brian Bedford, the voice of the title character in Disney’s 1973 ‘Robin Hood’ film, died Jan. 13 at 80
    *Celine Dion’s husband/manager Rene Angelil, died Jan. 13 at 74
    *Alan Rickman died Jan. 14 at 69
    *Dan Haggerty died Jan. 15 at 74
    *Mott the Hoople drummer Dale ‘Buffin’ Griffin died Jan. 17 at 67
    *Clarence Reid, R&B-funk singer Blowfly, died Jan. 17 at 76
    *Glenn Frey died Jan. 18 at 67
    *Jimmy Bain, former Dio and Rainbow bassist, died at 68 Jan. 22-24
    *Abe Vigoda died at 94 on Jan. 26

    Just to cheer you up…