Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 107: The Other Brian

Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 107: The Other Brian

Dec 03
Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 107: The Other Brian

This week!

  • Another brush with fame for The Sons!
  • Some TV talk…The Golden Age?
  • Science Time with Adam returns!
  • Diversity in Movies/TV….yeah we went there.
  • And more!

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  • – I’m as shocked as anyone to see this episode out

    – Fancy turkey? Why do people mess up Thanksgiving

    – With Brian gone, it’s Jared’s turn in the barrel? Never would have thunk it

    – ‘Filled with ice’

    – Pumpkin Bisque. I’m getting mad listening to this menu

    – the Chewlees gum guy was a featured guest at a comic book convention in Vermont a few weeks back

    – from the sounds of this story, I wish Jared did get his mark photo with Dante

    – YOU’RE the one who listens to ‘Tell ‘em Steve Dave!’?

    – Looks like we have the date/time frame of the next unofficial Network meet up

    – I’m only five and a half episodes into Jessica Jones and have been enjoying it quite a bit

    – now, see, when I see a TV show starring Ray Liotta and Jennifer Lopez (and Drea de Matteo) I head for ze hillz

    – Just say Gotham and Agents of SHIELD are the worst and be done

    – I still do like that you all, collectively, are shocked by the behavior of non-white, non-males. Hope you enjoy Trump’s presidency!

    – I do disagree with Adam’s assessment of Kamala Khan

    – We talk all day about weak males on Walking Dead with Tyrese and Gabriel being bums…but wait..they’re black…so we can’t say that

    – Boy, do I wish Jared did a Jimmy impression

    – I am a big fan of saying ‘broads’ as well, and yes, I’m guessing it’s Artie’s influence

    – you know, there was a time when you could say ‘by the time this show goes up, there will be another shooting’ and be WRONG

    – ‘Craig is a cursing enthusiast’

    – ‘Heidi ho!’

  • Raymond Clevenger

    Jared’s not insane. I did thoroughly enjoy Kingpin for the same reason he enjoyed Kilgrave. The character is believable and you get to see things from his perspective. I preferred Daredevil slightly. However, Krysten’s ass in those jeans evens the field…

    What about an atheist podcast. Just non-believers talking about crazy believer (or Belieber) shit? The audience is growing. BTW, I have more ideas on this line…