Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 105: Game Night!

Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 105: Game Night!

Nov 14
Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 105: Game Night!

This week!

  • Due to extreme laziness and fatigue….we bring you Prodigal Sons Game Night! Unedited! Enjoy!

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  • – Already starting things off contentiously. Brian sounds like he’d rather be anywhere else

    – I’d not prefer an Avant Guard show

    – Are you playing the Leonard Maltin Game with zero introduction or explanation?

    – When you do negative names, it is actually from top billed down

    – Abe Froman, pickle king of Chicago

    – I would just assume Charlie Murphy is in every Eddie Murphy movie

    – Jared is having some reading issues

    – I knew the movie in Bush vs. Gore but could not name a SINGLE actor in it

    – Ian couldn’t have been more wrong

    – These categories are named a BIT too cute for me

    – Who knew Peter Scolari was still alive in 2004?

    – Who knew Adam was a Lindsey Lohan scholar?

    – I was YELLING at you, Brian, during your bewilderment for the King Lear category!

    – Playing the movie game brought me back to SO many great times hanging with you guys, well, except Adam, he wasn’t born yet

    – loved both games equally, FWIW