Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 102: Rose Colored Glasses

Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 102: Rose Colored Glasses

Oct 08
Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 102: Rose Colored Glasses

This week!

  • Brian returns and fill us in on what he was doing!
  • Jared gets introspective!
  • Mass Shooting? Meh.
  • Are religious people just stupid?
  • A little science news!
  • Jared finds a new use for Twitter!
  • And more!

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  • – some tech support up top

    – why didn’t Brian ask for a Mocha Frappachino at the mention of Henry Hill?

    – the Secret Service Summit? Sounds made up…

    – talk slower on that Nordstrom’s story…

    – Jared, you just need to delete your Facebook. It’s for the best

    – for me, the Mendoza line is Tweety Bird for women and Yosemite Sam for men. If you, as a grown adult, are into these, I cannot be your friend

    – Dave Matthews Band is the gateway interest to other terrible interests

    – Lots of research? James Woods? This is serious!

    – Even Wilkes University took away Bill Cosby’s doctorate!

    – My religious upbringing is very similar to Brian’s. My mom even taught Sunday school, my dad gave zero shakes about any of it

    – “We are on iTunes?” SMDH

    – Jared is Twit-illiterate

    – There is still time for my twitter class for the whole network, ya know. Brian sounded kinda confused as well

    – Just as I type this…

    – Look at the twitter account of Barry Crimmins (@crimmins). Everyday, he tweets at the Pope (@pontifex) asking to be excommunicated from the church. It’s usually retweeted and favortied many times

    – And the stinger proves by original comments correct!