Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 101: The Sleepin’ T-Shirt

Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 101: The Sleepin’ T-Shirt

Oct 03
Prodigal Sons Podcast Episode 101: The Sleepin’ T-Shirt

This week!

  • We discuss Jared’s recent guest appearance!
  • A celebrity is coming to Milford!
  • The Pope was in town!
  • Everyone loves Milford, Pa local politics!
  • Magic News!
  • The return of Science Time with Adam!
  • And more!

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Some relevant links regarding this weeks show-


And yes, I see now, it will be at the Milford Theater.


  • – I was away this weekend and was legitimately sad this was not posted until late Saturday

    – Sleeping t-shirt reference less than a minute in

    – You really need to try a non-Brian episode with Adam doing the Brian voice for the entire episode

    – In my folks neck of the woods (Scranton) kids usually start showing up around 5pm and don’t stop until after 9pm

    – Ian showing ‘support’ for the Network as only he can

    – And Jared doing his best to sell the show L

    – I never heard any of these pre-taint names for the taint you mentioned

    – Oh, Jackie’s Joke Hunt has been LONG gone

    – and Adam, stick to the Brian impression

    – I think Jackie may be sober these days

    – going to see the Jokeman does sound tempting…

    – How about I give zero shakes about this or any Pope?

    – I wish this episode was called ‘Warm Pope Water’

    – Oh Ian, having the Pope kiss your son would be a great experience?

    – ‘What is wrong with her face?’

    – I’m very happy that Crack Style has been reinstated. Finally, justice has been served!

    – Ian’s reaction to Adam becoming a MTG judge was great, but GETTING PAID! Congrats!

    – How did you find out about water on Mars “I was watching a cam girl…”

    – I listen to dozens of podcasts, but I specifically wait until I’m near a computer to listen to shows in the network