Prodigal Sons Podcast 99: Can I Get Some Smints?

Prodigal Sons Podcast 99: Can I Get Some Smints?

Sep 17
Prodigal Sons Podcast 99: Can I Get Some Smints?

This week:

  • The boys are back!
  • Ian regales us with vacation tales!
  • Late Show with Colbert review
  • Tons of movie talk!
  • Jared wants to work the southern bar bouncer circuit.
  • And more!

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  • – We kick things right off with Brian’s hostility
    – Lance is still an honorary member of the Alliance. In our hearts and minds
    – I have an idea for a game for a special episode, but I’m not going to give it away here, maybe in the reply
    – I guess I’m the Louis Tulley of the show?
    – I like Ghostbusters quite a bit but I have no opinion whatsoever of this new film
    – WAIT?! I wasn’t invited on Ian’s vacation either?
    – I have so many questions about Ray and Craig and Ian’s relationship with them
    – Lance revealing his strategy for the Pigskin Pick ‘ems!
    – Adrien Brody is in a ton of stuff, but it’s either direct to DVD stuff or fringy stuff where he makes love to weird human hybrids
    – Is Adam’s new gimmick recommending movies no one likes?
    – From the recent Red Letter Media, I recommend you all watch ‘Turbo Kid’ and discuss on a future episode
    – Boy, Arnold sure had a lot of good movies!
    – HOW DARE YOU, LANCE! ‘Last Action Hero’ is a g-d masterpiece!
    – Ugh, enough with everyone trying to make Rhonda Rousey a thing
    – ‘I’m excited for season 3 of Agents of SHIELD’ said no one ever
    – Never Gets Old? Are they part of the Network now too?
    – The Puzzle Warriors site has links to emails that don’t work for contact purposes
    – The Puzzle Warriors are already on the bottom of the site, just as important as the rest of us