Prodigal Sons Podcast 93: A Real American… To A Point!

Prodigal Sons Podcast 93: A Real American… To A Point!

Jul 30
Prodigal Sons Podcast 93: A Real American… To A Point!

This week!

  • A special day for Brian!
  • Jared informs you on his diet!
  • A little FIFA talk with Ian!
  • What are you going to do….when Hulk Hogan’s Racism runs all over you!
  • Thought Crimes!
  • A 5 year movie review!
  • Train
  • Say Your Prayers
  • Eat Your Vitamins
  • And more!

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  • – I love having access to the sound check
    – Since 30, I have not felt any different at any birthday
    – ah, Jared’s Father, bearer of great news
    – Jared saying ‘lean chopped meat’ gave me douche chills
    – “Just lick the top”
    – If Jared is going to get an enema, Adam should deliver it and it should be recorded
    – Open wide for some Soccer!
    – If only you knew someone who closely follows wrestling who could have been on as an expert
    – The main reason for the WWE’s reaction to what the Hulkster did is that Hogan is essentially the Ronald McDonald of wrestling
    – Brian, you don’t know wrestling, wrestlers and wrestling fans in 2015 the way I do. At TV this past weekend, if you had a Hogan shirt, sign, etc., you were made to remove it before coming in
    – I had not heard this story about the cannibal cop, but I am blissfully ignorant
    – This ‘Thought Crimes’ doc sounds super interesting and one thing you did not mention was did this woman in Maryland or another woman on his lists know what he was up to? There could be feelings of threat that could have been used to convict
    – ‘I’ve stabbed people with something that size before’
    – Ian, I want to be part of your MPQ podcast. Luckily, you will never see this

  • “Brian always goes first” THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID! Oh, and Happy Birthday.

    Can’t wait for Jared’s new segment: “So tell me, what did you eat that I can’t?”

    I did send this over on Twitter, but when Cards Against Humanity was mentioned I immediately thought of this game for you all…

    Obviously Leonard is by far the expert here, but you can get fired from WWE for pretty much anything. It happens so often at times that it’s referred to as “Future Endeavored” because of what the press release always says.

    Sorry I couldn’t listen til today. Even though you dropped the show on Thursday, I was off work and couldn’t listen until today.