Prodigal Sons Podcast 91: Clink Our Link!

Prodigal Sons Podcast 91: Clink Our Link!

Jul 17
Prodigal Sons Podcast 91: Clink Our Link!

This week!

  • Brain gets out of the house!
  • Jared and a new casino story!
  • We breakdown some trailers coming out of Comi-Con!
  • A year old movie review!
  • A name change for Jared!
  • And more!

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  • – starting hot with heavy noise and and Jared’s mic all over the place
    – Brian, outside of American Hi Fi, that concert sounds awesome!
    – Standing is for losers!
    – BEAUTIFUL Mount Airy Lodge?
    – What boobies ya watching, Brian?
    – Jared, it sounds like you’d make a great kept man “Here’s another hundred”
    – Adam says what we’re all thinking re: Samantha
    – Every TV show in the world should WISH their star was half as ‘into it’ as Stephen Amell
    – Whilst I’m super excited for Ash vs. Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell looked good… for HIM
    – I’ve done my best to avoid much of any Star Wars stuff. VERY excited for Harrison Ford to make the media rounds on the Disney Channel in five months
    – I liked the Suicide Squad sizzle reel I’m only worried that Deadshot will be TOO Wil Smith and I’m glad you all share my sentiments
    – The Harley Quinn LOOK< at least, lines up with the current comic stuff, which currently outsells everything but the Scott Snyder Batman
    – Affleck is directing and co-writing (with Geoff Johns) the solo Batman movie, so there’s that
    – I hope the episode title is ‘Let’s Go Save the World’
    – Ian saying what we’re all thinking about Jessie Eisenberg, who he ASSUMES is Lex
    – The Bruce was at ‘Ground Zero’ of Superman’s devastation in Man of Steel is a 100% retro fit to appease those who didn’t like it
    – What in the blue hell IGN Freeze Frame Theater? Kevin Spacey was also given direction to ape Gene Hackman’s Luthor as well. People should be more upset they can’t get Luthor right on screen
    – Brian stealing Ian’s gimmick with old movie reviews
    – I did not hear any ‘Interstellar’ spoilers in until JUST NOW
    – Like the Dave Attell joke, a man who is arrested for making love to an animal has been warned MANY times
    – Sounds like this Greg guy is a big jerk
    – I say go by your middle name, Lee…or Barak…or Jerry