Prodigal Sons Podcast 89: Beware The Scrotus!

Prodigal Sons Podcast 89: Beware The Scrotus!

Jul 02
Prodigal Sons Podcast 89: Beware The Scrotus!

This Week!

  • Ian and Brian catch us up on what they have been up to!
  • Brian shares a Dadstractions story!
  • Which leads to a filthy discussion!
  • It’s been a crazy 2 weeks in America!
  • Brians Hometown Heroes!
  • Real Estate stories…who doesn’t love those??
  • And more!

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  • – you are jumping to the front of a very long list of backlogged podcasts
    – No audio Adam?
    – And kayfabe broken no less than three minutes in
    – Congrats to Ian on being home more often with Owen
    – Ian, this celebrity name game sounds like a nightmare and to get so upset over the Flash thing is hilarious!
    – I’m glad Brian’s story about YouTube on the DS is getting the play it deserves
    – I actually have a similar video with Asa and the most recent Best of the Worst, maybe next week’s Dadstractions
    – I was late to the game as well, maybe Jared going to camp advanced his quest for naked knowledge
    – You got the playboy stash at seven, Jared? That’s crazy! I need to tell my story of that as well somewhere
    – I hope the episode title is ‘Liberal Tsunami’
    – Ian perfectly summed up my feelings about all this confederate flag nonsense
    – The story about the Watcher was fantastic and made my day
    – only be topped by Jared’s story of abject racism in his realtor’s office
    – great show this week, boys!