Prodigal Sons Podcast 88: The Jared and Parlance Show!

Prodigal Sons Podcast 88: The Jared and Parlance Show!

Jun 26
Prodigal Sons Podcast 88: The Jared and Parlance Show!

This week!

  • Special Guest host Parlance from Fresher and Parlance!
  • Live vs. Recorded!
  • We delve into the mind of Fresher!
  • Jared goes on a date!
  • Getting old sucks!
  • What is the deal with flags?
  • Obama said a word….a bad, bad word!
  • And more!

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  • Really interesting conversation this week between the two of you. I didn’t listen at work so I couldn’t really jot anything down but a few things off the top of my head:
    -Jared, I’m finding that more and more podcatchers can actually take out silent moments in the podcast for you, so you guys could actually spend less time worrying about editing that stuff out eventually.
    -Also, the majority of podcasts I listen to don’t really edit out the “umms” and “ahs”, which makes for a much more natural discussion in my opinion. Really I’m just advocating for editing less and getting the show out earlier 🙂
    -Parlance was correct, a lot of the details with Dianna were lost on me as a listener. Also, thanks for mentioning my name!
    -Wow, Parlance really DOES make you sound less liberal, Jared.

    Great show, thanks for getting one out despite all the issues you had. Also, the Mic didn’t really sound that bad at all.

    • Jared Lanham

      What the hell is a Pod Catcher….and the internet for that matter??

      • A podcatcher is the app you use to download and listen to podcasts. I personally use Pocket Casts (which is fucking amazing and worth every penny) but there are several free ones to choose from. And like I said Pocket Casts removes silence anyways so I wouldn’t even know if you had it in the show or not.