Prodigal Sons Podcast 85: I Just Wanted Beer In My Hat!

Prodigal Sons Podcast 85: I Just Wanted Beer In My Hat!

Jun 04
Prodigal Sons Podcast 85: I Just Wanted Beer In My Hat!

This week!

  • What’s been going on for the past 2 weeks?
  • Deep Thoughts with Brian.
  • Jared Updates!
  • Folk Metal exists!
  • Outrage of the Week!
  • The Network Jam!
  • Ian’s Hometown Heroes!
  • And more!

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  • – Jared out of a cannon with lots of energy!
    – Charlie Charlie Challenge? Yeah, just throw that out with no explanation
    – 2:45 in and I hear the chirp
    – Pounders of PBR, Jared with the ONLY response acceptable
    – Anyway you you try and put corn hole over, it sounds dirty
    – See, I try to think and nothing happens
    – Soon, we’ll be introducing the all C-Pap show on the Network
    – Jared vs. Hooters! I love it!
    – I like Tracy Morgan and saw maybe a 5 second clip and had to turn it off
    – Did Adam say Hulk Metal?
    – To steal from Artie Lange, it looks like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas with Diana leaving. No trace left
    – Since I get the show early, is the episode title “I’ll Be Your Turtle”
    – Isn’t Game of Thrones like 35% rape already?
    – Oh Jared, you JUST found out about the Mary Sue, what a lovely world it must have been before then
    – “She’s only 17” “Winger didn’t care” Delightful!
    – The first time I’ve ever been called hip, thank you Ian
    – Fresher was the breakout star of the Jam episode
    – Maybe ‘Hosty Juices” is the episode title
    – No swears means my podcast can be played over the speakers in my local comic book shop, putting me in more ears. If there were swears, he wouldn’t play it. Plain and simple
    – You live in a bubble, Jared, especially after the Mary Sue/GoT story. There is something out there to offend everyone
    – “I am jamming in my big one too”
    – The week following your most exposure, you decide to no longer tell people all the ways to interact with you
    – The Stinger is back and it’s all about kayfabe, bruther.
    – I think Fresher only understood about 35% of the jam episode