Prodigal Sons Podcast 84: Just Call Billy West

Prodigal Sons Podcast 84: Just Call Billy West

May 21
Prodigal Sons Podcast 84: Just Call Billy West

This week!

  • Brian explains his absence last week.
  • We recap some season finales and upcoming trailers!
  • Brian is on a cleanse!
  • Dadstractions 2.0!
  • Jared plugging back in?
  • Mad Max: Fury Road review!
  • And more!

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  • – why don’t YOU go back to Dadstractions?
    – Brian was on a fact finding mission last week
    – ‘He’s a sing man’ also called a singer
    – Do they send ‘medicine’ to everyone who watches SNL so they will actually think it’s funny?
    – The SNL finale was both glorious and lackluster, according to Ian
    – Brian no selling Jared’s ‘Boyhood’ joke and defending it and Ian knowing the names of actors!
    – So glad I’m so far behind on Arrow that all these spoilers are just white noise to me
    – I don’t think Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold) is completely off the Flash, Legends of Tomorrow is just to test out if these characters can carry their own shows
    – All of you still on that dead end street of Agents of SHIELD. Will the new direction be being good?
    – Unless you want to watch live sports, there is no reason to plug back in
    – I do like that Red Letter Media is almost required viewing for this podcast these days
    – Brian says ‘Observe and Report’ is bad and ‘Pitch Perfect’ is good. I think that explains EVERYTHING
    – Brian and I discussed this briefly on Dadstractions, but Harry Shearer is prickly to deal with and I’m sure the Fox executives are happy he’s gone. All those action figures used pre-existing clips from the show. When Universal added Simpsons attractions, Shearer was the only one who refused to record new lines for his characters. So they just cut him out. He (legitimately) wanted more time to tour with his political commentary radio show/podcast and his band. The contract was $14 million over two years.
    – I still have the offer on the table of teaching you all a twitter class