Prodigal Sons Podcast 83: The Goat Ate The Cake

Prodigal Sons Podcast 83: The Goat Ate The Cake

May 14
Prodigal Sons Podcast 83: The Goat Ate The Cake

This week!

  • The boys recap their Mothers Day!
  • Social Media Outrage of the week!
  • Avengers Fallout!
  • Jared tells you how to raise your kids, via Dadstractions!
  • Science Time with Adam!
  • And much more!

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  • – no Brian, delete without listening
    – those names of the vape juices are so weird
    – Diana live on (barely) mic? Saints be praised!
    – I hope Jared’s mom brought all her shoes and glasses with her out to eat
    – Oh, Brian is there. Never mind
    – I can help you track those social media outrage stories, Jared. There seems to be one in comics on almost a daily basis
    – I’d say the fact that Black Widow, much like Gamora, is removed from the toy line is a bigger issue:
    – There is actually an all female Avengers book, coming out next week
    – Calling Speedball ‘Bleedball’ instead of Penance was GREAT stuff
    – Did the goat take the cake, I didn’t follow that
    – I thought WE (Brian and I) did something to rile you up, thankfully that was not the case
    – That Mr. Salad’s videos was very cooked, from the lazy editing to the scary music, a joke
    – It’s not as simply as being a man, it’s being a man of average to lower looks. If a ‘hot’ guy were to bring a camera into a pool, or pretend shot guns at a genderless, colorless child, it would be a different story
    – Can the argument be made that the biggest star, which the most longevity from American Idol is Eric the Midget?
    – Donors choice website sounds like a great thing
    – Ian’s twitter pitch was maybe the best thing ever

  • Hi guys, it’s me. Didn’t want you to think I forgot about you. Because of my crazy work schedule I listened to the show in the car so I couldn’t take notes but still wanted to inform you that it was a great show. And yes, Ian killed that outro!