Prodigal Sons Podcast 82: The Virgil of Podcasts

Prodigal Sons Podcast 82: The Virgil of Podcasts

May 07
Prodigal Sons Podcast 82: The Virgil of Podcasts

This week!

  • Ian’s glorious 24 hours!
  • Adam and Jared go see the fight…and a fight!
  • 2 Reviews on The Avengers: Age of Ultron!
  • A trap set by Texans!
  • Some Hometown Heroes!
  • Pod-Con?
  • And more!


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  • – still like Sweet Smellin’
    – spoiler free review? Ian, what’s the problem?
    – I had three in the j/o pool, BTW
    – “I think you may have a problem” best Jared quote ever
    – Owen sleeps with you guys? Get ready for that for the rest of his pre-teen life
    – I blew it? I didn’t get my Hulk buster neither, I said not to give up, never surrender!
    – I think Buffalo Wild Wings as Ian mentioned, get around that per square foot fee
    – Is Texas trying to give Florida a run for their money in zaniness?
    – Moral questions on this show? Careful, now!
    – So, Jared’s plan for these monster nearly adults is what? Are they on the road to be productive members of society right now? I say put the parents in jail instead of these ‘kids who made a mistake.’
    – “They didn’t even kill her, that would have been a easy fix!”
    – There is a ‘pod con’ it’s called PodFest and it is only held in LA. Doing a local NEPA pod con is not the worst idea in the world
    – Loved Ian dropping the Million Dollar Man/Virgin stuff. You want Virgil stories, I got Virgil stories
    – “Cap goes to a disappointing birthday party” Jared on fire today!
    – They are absolutely 1000% teaming up the Avengers and Guardians

    • I’m pretty sure if we did a NEPA pod-con, we WOULD end up looking exactly like LonelyVirgil.