Prodigal Sons Podcast 81: The Zen of Jared

Prodigal Sons Podcast 81: The Zen of Jared

Apr 30
Prodigal Sons Podcast 81: The Zen of Jared

This week!

  • Brian has the sniffles
  • Baltimore is in flames!
  • Apple vs. PC!
  • We prep for the Avengers movie!
  • The Duality of Man!
  • Rich pretty people suck!
  • And more…much much more!

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  • – Starting off hot with a hot take on the Baltimore situation
    – yeah, Ian, outside of being the only game in town, Apple stinks
    – And Brian sums up what we’re all thinking about iPhones
    – The Affleck Daredevil is not terrible, very much of it’s time (2004?) and the music stinks. But as good as it maybe, that wire work on the playground scene is MAYBE the worst scene in movie history?
    – Jared is very gullible, believing Joss Whedon, transferring all his stuff to the cloud
    – Ian is able to predict the future with that Avengers 2 call
    – Lot of Felicity Smoak talk…too much investment in an over hyped character
    – Maybe he can be ‘Kind Hearted Jared’ but I think I need to listen to the whole episode first
    – Glad to see the exploding battery is where Adam has a heart and just says “LULZ” like it’s a thing people say all the time
    – Ian getting super heated about this, and I can’t say I don’t agree with him. This sort of mean spirited-ness that is so pervasive online gets me more than a million Baltimores. I’m torn that would I more upset if my son grew up to be a victim of perpetrator of something like this. Jared and Adam coming off very poorly here, but I think a lot of it comes from being a parent.
    – Speaking of terrible people, Britt McHenry!
    – and Ian’s views here, whooo, did not see that coming!
    – the fake geek girl/gamer girl stuff is another hot button issue, lots going on this episode! We do live in a culture where girls and guys, who might be attractive, may also like sports and comics and what not. Times, they are a changing.
    – There are no young, better looking girls than Brian

  • First off, fucking awesome show this week. Heated and funny
    -I forget, was Flash Point a good DC event or a bad one. Leonard?
    -Regarding Apple: Good… Let the hate flow through you

    -Thought I also had an Acer, it’s actually an Asus which still isn’t half bad.
    -Totally with Brian. Daredevil is hot shit on a stick in summer.
    -Judging by other comments he’s made, Jared is right on Whedon. He’s been throwing little barbs at Marvel for a little over a month now. And the Coulson/Agents of Shield comments aren’t even the worse ones. He’s just done with Marvel. Probably burned out all to hell.
    -Decided not to catch up on Arrow, I’ve just been catching episodes here and there.

    -Wait, Jared has a soul…
    -Oh, never mind. Wow, just wow.
    -Those assholes should rot. Sorry, but I’m with the majority on this. Mean and heartless. Get a fucking job you fucking scum bags. Contribute something to society besides being a rotting hunk of shit.
    -Kudos to Adam for not yelling back at Ian. Stayed calm whilst getting berated hardcore.
    -Now Ian with a bombshell. (And yeah, I mostly agree too)
    -Lots and lots of controversial hot takes this week.The Prodigal Sons, not afraid to get down and dirty when duty calls.
    -Can I get an application for the hot chick position? I’m assuming you guys are an EEE 😉

  • Archibald Tuttle

    Wow, this show had some fire in it. I am glad I caught up on past episodes today. Should have named this episode Ethics 101. Could Brian and Ian be emerging as the moral half of this podcast crew?