Prodigal Sons Podcast 80: Kryptonian Quattloos

Prodigal Sons Podcast 80: Kryptonian Quattloos

Apr 23
Prodigal Sons Podcast 80: Kryptonian Quattloos

This week:

  • Ian shares an amazing vacation story!
  • We breakdown some old movies!
  • A long standing tradition is broken!
  • We discuss the new Star Wars and Batman v Superman trailers!
  • And more!

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  • – no longer sweet smellin’ I guess? Thanks to Ian for being on top of that!

    – I would always have my camera ready around apes

    – I’m not a zoo person (mostly the smell), but Brian is especially grumpy today

    – Crystal Skull is NOWHERE near as bad as everyone makes it, but that vines scene is one of the worst scenes in movie history

    – Jared has inadvertently inspired me to demand a Indian Jones/Dukes of Hazard crossover

    – Also, Jared inciting the ‘Bros before Hos’ edict is HI-LARIOUS, as is his third degree of Adam regarding his situation

    – At least he you are self aware of it…

    – “the most expensive three grand you have ever made”

    – I am with Ian regarding this, that is the best advice you can get Adam, listen to your elders

    – “the frequency makes it bad” that really sums it all up

    – “It it wasn’t in the movie, it didn’t happen” Jared, you need to be reading the new Star Wars comics, you’ll change that tune!

    – Loved the fancy effect to allow everyone watch the ‘Batman v Superman’ trailer

    – I want the DC movies to be good, but the ship has sailed and this is what we’re stuck with

    • Crystal Skull is EXACTLY as bad as everyone says it is. But man do I love the RLM take down of it

  • First off, sorry for not commenting last week. I had notes as usual, but lost them as well as the ones I had for DS. I am a terrible listener 🙁

    As for this week…
    -Ian needs a smoking buddy you say…
    -I really need to revisit Spider-Man 2. It was my favorite for so long.
    -“might as well be called the podcast” -sick burn by Ian that everyone seemed to miss. Or ignore.
    -How do you not care about a pot dealer for old people?
    -I have been down the road Adam is going down twice before
    -One of those times put me into bankruptcy. I’m an idiot.
    -Don’t like BB8? Are you even human?
    -The Jurassic World trailer was great as well. So much good stuff this summer
    -Neil DeGrasse Tyson was in the trailer? Well color me not giving a fuck!
    -I actually preferred the Afleck bat-voice. As much of it as I heard that is.