Prodigal Sons Podcast 79: The Future Is Now!!

Prodigal Sons Podcast 79: The Future Is Now!!

Apr 16
Prodigal Sons Podcast 79: The Future Is Now!!

This week!

  • Brian’s trampoline fun!
  • CPAP’d my pants!
  • The Golden Age of TV!
  • Ian listened to the show!
  • Science Time with Adam!
  • Why are kids so special!
  • Ian’s Hometown Heroes!
  • And more!

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  • – Boy, all those GoT reference make not a lick of sense to me.
    – As soon as this babysitter discussion began, I saw Jared’s reaction coming down I-84
    – Let’s not have an official network weigh in. I’ve thrown my scale out
    – I’ve been snoring more and more lately, but both the wife and kid have full conversations, independent of each other, in their sleep, so I’m doing OK
    – “Hopefully Diana will be leaving soon” she’s doesn’t read the comments does she?
    – “Sleeping’s good for you” I didn’t know Science Time was back
    – A super secret Adam and Ian alliance? That’s a podcast I’d listen to! Or at least be privy to the chat logs.
    – I hate to call Ian out, but I’m almost certain that ‘blinded’ thing isn’t from the Spinal Tap appearance on the Simpsons
    – I am fascinated by Jared’s fascination with Jason’s route to listening to the show
    – By me saying I’m not acknowledging Ian’s birthday, am I in fact, acknowledging his birthday?