Prodigal Sons Podcast 78: Tea and Crumpets, Brian?

Prodigal Sons Podcast 78: Tea and Crumpets, Brian?

Apr 09
Prodigal Sons Podcast 78: Tea and Crumpets, Brian?

This week!

  • Jared is in the know on Brian’s week!
  • A very sad Easter story!
  • Some board game talk!
  • Ian’s Hometown Heroes…without Ian!
  • What Were They Thinking??
  • And more!

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  • – Owen is taking care of Ian and Mrs. Ian. Like “take care of the kid” from the bad cop story
    – I think the one thing that would calm the storm that is Jared’s life would be a kid. Get on that
    – Unsubscribe/unfollow is your Facebook friend
    – The updates on the MPQ Facebook group will not stop until morale improves
    – That Easter story could be a super villain origin story. JEEZ
    – I don’t remember exactly when kayfabe was broken about Santa or the Bunny happened but it was ruined must sooner for my younger brothers
    – I as well want my son to believe in the magic of pretty much everything for as long as possible. Once he starts figuring that stuff out, it’s all down hill from here

    – I have Munchkin Zombies and all related expansions, I think I have played it twice. I blame drunk people who don’t know how to explain the rules

    – Buddy the Dog? Was Socks the Cat too big a celebrity to target?

    – OH MAN! The clip of the Princess Di Beanie baby! Cross over with last week’s Fresher and Parlance! #synergy

    – Please bring back ‘phrase of the day’

    – Why does the Jack impression sound OK but you guys sound like chipmunks?

    • Holy shit, Leonard just blew my mind. The Jack impersonator does sound much more normal on the tapes. Were you guys breathing helium?

      • I really think it was the lines coming out of the microphones into the tape deck.. The lines coming out of the CDs was fine. Or, helium.

  • -I would like to confirm the life sucking part of babies. Pretty sure Grayson’s rapid growth is because of this.
    -But hey, I’m not doing shit with my life so he can have as much of my life force as he wishes.
    -Speaking of my son, it is my new goal to get a picture of him in the very outfit you described on the show. Watch for it… someday.
    -Ah yes, the crap zone that is a facebook timeline. Leonard is right, unfriend/unfollow is really your only choice. Muting people does not work. I still see posts from people I specifically have selected not to.
    -Also, if you ever see a post you don’t want on your timeline, use the drop down menu on the top right corner of the post to select I don’t want to see this. I helps a bit.
    -I made the mistake of taking a sip of coffee while listening to the X-Mas clip. It took everything I had not to spit take all over my desk.
    -Yes, you guys are better now. Take comfort in that.
    -I’m all for a google hangout for fans. Or just have me on again 🙂
    -No characters from the old Mr. Show can be used on the new show. They have to come up with all new material.
    -Ok, you asked for it, so here it is: I started listening to Leonard on his previous podcast because the first podcast I ever listened to was the main podcast on the network they used to be on. One of the hosts of the podcast was Mike Quackenbush, who was one of the founders of Chikara. So there is a Chikara connection, but the main reason I found Leonard and Todd was due to listening to the other show on their old network. I no longer listen to the other show, as it started to suck, but I have never missed an episode of Longbox Heroes or the show before it. And yes, Jared, I was a very loyal listener to 101.1 back in the day. Aside from playing the kind of music I liked, it also came in crystal clear in my bedroom, despite being an hour away. And seeing how it was constantly on, I certainly heard you three in the morning. So needless to say, when Brian said he was starting a new podcast with you guys on Dadstractions and I saw it had the Revolution 101 logo, I went “holy shit! I know these guys.” The fact I am now on the same network as you guys is even more insane if you think about all that. Crazy, huh?

    • Jared Lanham

      And you guested on our show…fucking insane! Did you know Brian worked at the Rev while you listened to Dadstractions?

      • I had no idea. I don’t think he mentioned it on Dadstractions at all until Prodigal Sons started up. It just ended up I enjoyed listening to you all without knowing I had already listened to you hahaha

        • Jared Lanham

          That is fuckin nuts!