Prodigal Sons Podcast 77: A Sensible Chuckle

Prodigal Sons Podcast 77: A Sensible Chuckle

Apr 02
Prodigal Sons Podcast 77: A Sensible Chuckle

This Week!

  • Jared’s Birthday Week!
  • More Milford Locals!
  • Some Nerd Talk!
  • A new job opening in Germany!
  • Who is Trevor Noah?
  • Ian’s Hometown Heroes!
  • And more!

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  • – Sweet Smelling Jared. I forgot that you are a vape man.
    – How about Smooth Sailin’ Ian Goff? You all need double “S” nick names!
    – I had someone else tell me today ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West’ was good. All lies
    – I wish this Brian would stop being Brian
    – I have never even heard of ‘the Giver’ or ‘the Seventh Son’
    – I wish you were wearing an “I’m 40” crown.
    – I hope you all saw the Patton Oswalt and Jim Norton articles about the Trevor Noah deal
    – I have friends in Indiana, several actually and it’s gotten so bad there that they are now claiming they are from ‘Northern Kentucky’ That’s how bad things have gotten
    – Holy cow about that story about the miscarriage. I was waiting for Ian to say ‘April Fools’ the WHOLE time
    – “Rigga, baby!”
    – Here’s a fun story about the police in Canada, so it’s spreading
    – Glad I grabbed the raw feed!

    • They never made you read “The Giver” in school? I thought everyone read that.

  • -Couldn’t listen until today because of being off work Friday, but I jotted down a few notes.
    -Doesn’t matter where you are born, as long as one of your parents is an American citizen, you are also an American citizen. Pretty sure his mother was the American if I have my facts straight. I won’t chastise you guys for forgetting that from high school civics because I too had to be reminded of this fact.
    -Also, Bill Maher only played the half of the Ted Cruz clip, if you listen to his whole comment it sounds much more reasoned. Part of the reason I fucking hate Bill Maher and his ilk.
    -For the records, NOT a Cruz supporter. Just tired of people using half of something someone says to shit on them. If you can’t take them down for their ENTIRE point, then you are hack. Like Bill Maher.
    -I agree with Jared, Noah’s tweets weren’t really that funny. I think they came off more “frat-boy” then comedian. Not sure I agree that comedians should get a pass for anything they say either. I always wondered where that rule came from.

    • Jared Lanham

      For the record, Bill Maher didn’t play any clip of Cruz, it was something I read…unless your talking about the music quote…in which case he just read it aloud. I do agree with you about the taking half of something and using it…much like “You didn’t build that!”

      • Yes, sorry you’re right. I got it mixed up with someone else only showing the short clip. But yeah, it was the music thing.