Prodigal Sons Podcast 75: Sluicin’ Down The Mountain!

Prodigal Sons Podcast 75: Sluicin’ Down The Mountain!

Mar 19
Prodigal Sons Podcast 75: Sluicin’ Down The Mountain!

This Week!

  • What has been going on for 2 weeks?
  • What does Brian do?
  • It’s been a Racist Week!
  • Mt. Pooprest!
  • Ian’s Hometown Heroes!
  • And more!

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  • It was great to have the Prodders back this week, you guys were missed. I don’t have my usual notes because we upgraded to Windows 7 at work today (welcome to 2008 everyone) and I had to stop listening every 10 minutes or so to address something. That said, it was a lot of fun and more poop! Woo Hoo!

  • Archibald Tuttle

    Because you missed last week, I added Fresher and Parlance to my regular podcast listening list. Thanks assholes (actually they weren’t bad at all).

    Brian for MVP this week. He was the only one smart enough not to get sucked into the stupid of that race-centric conversation.

    Too bad you guys didn’t record when all the PSU fraternity stuff hit the fan. Now that would have been an interesting addtion to the conversation.

    Also, bring back Jason Kirk as guest. That was a good show too.