Prodigal Sons Podcast 74: Spock n’ Awe!

Prodigal Sons Podcast 74: Spock n’ Awe!

Mar 05
Prodigal Sons Podcast 74: Spock n’ Awe!

This week!

  • Jared is still not smoking!
  • Michelle Rodriguez and Social Media Outrage!
  • Net Neutrality!
  • Is there hope??
  • The passing of Leonard Nimoy.
  • And more!

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  • – I’m glad we leave the mic checks in now
    – I have no idea who Metal Mike is, Ian playing some good improve
    – Metal Mike sounds like he’s luring children to their doom
    – No Sailor Jerry love?
    – You’re supposed to smoke them, not f them
    – But Chris Benoit does! “I forgot about The Crippler”
    – There he is, there’s the Sailor!
    – I am addicted to the Thin Mints coffee mate, good on ya, Adam
    – I feel no guilt for not watching Agents of SHIELD or Agent Carter. I buy enough comics.
    – Thank you for covering the Michelle Rodriguez story. Now I know what not to care about.
    – Jared, it sounds like everyone on your Facebook is a dum dum
    – “They’re quoting Bill Paxton!”
    – I’ve never heard the phrase ‘Kenyan Boomerang’ how much Fox News are you watching?
    – Ali Baba is Chinese Amazon. I had no idea
    – Is this Ian pledging allegiance to ISIS?
    – See, I like social media and also hate the phrase ‘social media outrage’
    – There is a wrestler currently in WWE, Rusev and his broad Lana which is a direct rip of Drago in Rocky 4. However, his entrance video and many of his promos deal heavily with Putin. Like awarding him medals for defeating John Cena and the like. There my political contribution.
    – Brian asking to be removed from the episode after Adam’s Truth Bomb was great
    – I didn’t have the same feelings due to the passing of Leonard Nimoy. I enjoyed his work, mostly his directing of ‘Three Men and a Baby’ and his photo books of tasteful nudes of fat women