Prodigal Sons Podcast 73: Prodvocacy Episode 1!

Prodigal Sons Podcast 73: Prodvocacy Episode 1!

Feb 26
Prodigal Sons Podcast 73: Prodvocacy Episode 1!

This week!

  • A special guest star joins us!
  • Where the hell has Brian been?
  • A Jared/Adam Saturday night!
  • Science Time with Brian??
  • Science Time with Adam!
  • The stories revealed!

And more!

Jason Kirk – Jason is a brand new father and long time podcast fanatic. Born and raised in the Keystone State, with brief interludes in New Jersey and Arizona, he currently lives in North Central PA. He is a fan of comics, music, and pretty much anything that will make him laugh. He also considers himself a bit of an Android fanboy, but if you have an iPhone he won’t shun you. However, he can’t help you if you have a Windows phone. No one can.

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  • Never thought I’d be described as a “Special Guest Star.” It’s a nice feeling. Since I was there, all I’ll say is that it was a ton of fun and I hope to be back again!

    Oh, and of course Jared tells ANOTHER epic story.

  • – Minty Butterscotch? Do I even want to know?
    – As I fist bump the air like Hitler
    – Don’t worry Jared, you’ll never be on Longbox Heroes
    – Can we just pull the trigger on ‘the Soon to be Named Network’ already?
    – Ian will listen to any podcast when Todd listens to any other podcast
    – More podcasts should talk about Marvel Puzzle Quest more often
    – Hey Ian, what are you doing for little Owen’s first birthday?
    – That Minecraft party sounds like the worst thing ever. Ian, don’t do that for Owen’s birthday party
    – You know those murder/suicides that are, like, double murder/suicides?
    – “Might be a bit of a re-re…respect to the dead”
    – I never knew Milford had so many parallels to Shickshinny
    – It sounds like you like this Mars trip is just BioDome 2
    – Lot of nerd loving going on in those Adam & Ian stories
    – MORE than 25? Impressive, Ian. Double digits! This is the mega stud show!
    – Ian, bringing the hot fiyah on that age difference!
    – Oh Jared, that story, the ultimate long con, I have no words
    – Interesting debate, Jared. While I agree there is technically no such thing as “out of your league” but usually when a lady meets a fella, she knows almost within minutes if she’ll be pitching any woo to that fella. You can wear them down and get a one off, but no one is unattainable