Prodigal Sons Podcast 72: The Human Turd

Prodigal Sons Podcast 72: The Human Turd

Feb 19
Prodigal Sons Podcast 72: The Human Turd

This week!

  • Ian catches up to the rest of the world and watches Cap 2!
  • Adam and Jared find humor in all the wrong places!
  • Adam’s bad week continues!
  • We discuss SNL’s 40th Anniversary!
  • New Ghostbusters???
  • Paul Blart 2???

And more!

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  • – something so bad JARED decided it had to be cut, WOW!
    – It is as though Brian never left
    – Brian did seem to be the glue that kept things on track, FYI
    – A cinematic treasure, that’s pretty crazy and I like that movie quite a bit
    – Yesterday? Didn’t I email this to you a week ago re: Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch
    – Went out WITHOUT Owen?? A red letter date
    – I wear jeans to my job as well and I HATE dressing like an adult. A shirt with buttons is my kryptonite
    – What kind of viewing/wake was this? Sounds like more of a nightmare
    – I was excepting Jared to do a strange foreign accent when talking about his mother, not sure why
    – Ah, there it is
    – After that Chinese food story, oh boy Jared…
    – For a large part of my early life, SNL was the show played between airings of Saturday Night’s Main Event
    – Last night on Twitter, Norm told a great behind the scenes story about the SNL 40th anniversary thing and what could have been for Eddie Murphy
    – The Eddie Murphy/SNL thing is (cliff notes) during a David Spade Hollywood Minute bit, Spade showed a picture of Eddie and said ‘make a wish kids, a falling star.’ The next week Eddie called studio 8H, asked to speak with Spade & threatened his life
    – You saw Grown Ups 2 but not the first Grown Ups? What is going on?
    – “I’m not defending Click”
    – Looking at Sandler’s box office, the only movie he’s made in five years that lost substantial money was That’s My Boy: budget $70 million gross $37 million
    – Feelin’ Fresh with Adam, I’m down!
    – The phantom remains? Dadstractions is alive and kickin!
    – I’m all for a suggestion from Ian or Adam for a network suggestion. I do like ‘Soon To Be Named Network’

    • I too like Soon To Be Named Network. It’s a nice inside joke now as well.