Prodigal Sons Podcast 71: Adam’s No Good Worst Week Ever

Prodigal Sons Podcast 71: Adam’s No Good Worst Week Ever

Feb 13
Prodigal Sons Podcast 71: Adam’s No Good Worst Week Ever

This Week!

  • Rich British Fucks!
  • Talkin’ Walkin’ Dead
  • Adam’s Week!
  • Jared Quits Smoking!
  • Daily Show News!
  • Brian Williams breaks our hearts!
  • Spidey comes home!
  • Kanye is up to his usual hijinks!
  • GMO’s? Bad for you?

And more!

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  • So either Disqus is broke again or I’m first commentor. Either way, works for me!
    -Hi Guys, I’m baaaaacccccck! (Que Randy Quaid in ID4)
    -No Brian, yet no one thought to invite me on to pimp Podvocacy? For shame!
    -A lot of pop culture stuff this week. Falling into old habits? (Although if you didn’t talk about Spider-Man I would have thought you guys were crazy.)
    -Adam, I am very sorry to hear about your shitty week. I agree with what Jared said as well, even if based only on what was said this week. We’ve all had “that” woman before, trust me on that.
    -Admission time: I have never seen a full episode of the Daily Show. Just never became a Jon Stewart fan.
    -Regarding Brian Williams. considering all the things that have come out just this week about how much he exaggerated, NBC pretty much had to take him off the air. Also, it’s crazy how many people are saying that they are praying for him or he’s in their thoughts. He doesn’t have cancer for Christ’s sake.
    -Fun fact about Anderson “Pooper” he used to work for the CIA.
    -Not sure this detail had come out when you guys recorded, but not a single dollar was exchanged between Sony and Marvel for Spidey. Marvel just gets all the merchandising for the movies.
    -I also like the Norton Hulk movie. Not nearly as bad as people say. Anything is better than fricken Iron Man 3.
    -I have no idea who the hell 2 Chains is (Two Chains?), but I actually liked The Thong Song. But I also had a kick ass sound system with a subwoofer in my car when it came out.
    -Great show guys! Hope Adam has a much better week.

  • – what a cluster F getting my hands this episode has been, better be a good one!
    – great Brian impression by Adam…and no BRIAN?!?! Deleted without listening…
    – just kidding
    – you still carrying around “that sack”, Ian’s son’s unfortunate nickname
    – I had to rewind the show twice. Catch up on Downton Abbey? Is that why Ian over-compensates with the MMA and whores?
    – Watching ACM’s the Walking Dead, now I’m listening.
    – While not a fan of Beth, she was a BIT more than a minor character. But that singing.
    – Oh Adam, your bad week involves your birthday and a girl? Oh, Adam…
    – Jared, you’re a jerk off with a heart of gold
    – The ‘can’t create any new X-Men’ thing was debunked, but Marvel is SUPER cagey about coming right out and saying ‘we’re not printing a book called Fantastic Four to screw Fox’ but that is ABSOLUTELY the reason
    – Congrats, Jared for attempting to quit smoking, that’s the hardest thing anyone can do. Here’s a dollar.
    – #OnlyFagsAreQuitters
    – AGAIN, the Brian impression strikes again!
    – This Daily Show thing doesn’t affect me as I’ve seen clips of the show but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a full episode. I’ve been meaning to check out the Jon Oliver show and recently watched an episode of Politically Incorrect from 1999 that Roddy Piper was on
    – I knew something was ‘up’ with Brian Williams because he’s always clowning around, being a goof on 30 Rock, applying to be a guest host of the Tonight Show
    – I did not know this Dan Rather story either
    – And now, with the Dice impression! Another Adam tour de force!
    – I’m sure you’ve seen this by now, but Sony gets 60% of the box office and zero of the merchandising. Also, Garfield and the director are outenzie!
    – Blexician? Oh, Adam…
    – I have a theory about Wolverine getting in the MCU movies, just you wait, you’ll see
    – Stop saying ‘Millennials’ It gives them credibility.
    – Jared, I’m with you about that NWA movie. Behind Avengers 2, the movie I’m most looking forward to this summer. The actor playing Ice Cube is Cube’s son and I’m bummed that MC Wren is getting the short shrift in this film
    – And a great Science Time, Adam’s you’re doing OK in my book!
    – And the best STINGER of all time

    • Glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t seen the Daily Show.