Prodigal Sons Podcast 69: The Light Factory!

Prodigal Sons Podcast 69: The Light Factory!

Jan 22
Prodigal Sons Podcast 69: The Light Factory!

This week!

  • Ian reveals too much!
  • The boys get together over the weekend!
  • We talk the merits of Adam Sandler movies!
  • And of course, our most embarrassing stories!

And more!

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  • Archibald Tuttle

    The strip club story was an excellent retelling and exaggeration of events. I laughed, I cried, I punched a donkey.

    Superb imagery: the throwing of one$ at eager strippers and the description of stripper #1 was hilarious. I felt like I was there, sans the smells of baby oil and stale burps. Man, that master sex deviant Ian has some effing enthusiasm for strip clubs. It’s like he’s sustained on a diet of glitter and stretch marks. The dude was keyed up in every detail of that story; it was great! Points to anyone with that much joie de vivre.

    American Pie Adam and GI Jared (with kung fu grip), both excellent and terribly embarrassing stories, but from completely different angles. I salute your bravery for sharing those tales with an audience. Guest Guy/TCBY’s stories seem like diversions, in that I am confident he has far more embarrassing tales, but is savvy enough not to share them.

    • Jared Lanham

      And finally….I get a nickname!

  • J.R Kowling

    Brian only makes a mess in his pants from private dances and not poop

  • – Brian, say something funny. A little Sal & Richard editing there. My whole wang hurt
    – the Vamp Scamp? I missed that one
    – It’s hard to embarrass someone with no shame
    – Poop stories in a controlled environment
    – Ian starting the show off STRONG
    – Format thrown out the window!
    – I did learn after the fact that the adult entertainment emporium you mentioned closed due to them just deciding to stop paying rent for six months
    – A concerted effort to not mention my name? Very odd
    – “She was nothing but loose skin”
    – Why wasn’t “Dancer’s Choice” not this week’s episode title?
    – I’m with Ian, last week’s comments section was an absolute mess
    – Little Nicky is absolutely worse than the Waterboy. Brian’s wife actually chose that we go see Little Nicky in the theaters over really anything and I’ll never let her live it down.
    – Thoughtfulness and patience to take his pants of first. Bless you, Ian
    – “There’s no getting in there”
    – Muscle tees & bandanas? Jared, you win for most embarrassing story
    – Jared, I don’t think your story is that bad, that’s what you get for living a double life
    – Ohh, THAT’S why “Dancer’s Choice” wasn’t the show title
    – I guess no Stinger here since he was on RAW when you were recording?