Prodigal Sons Podcast 68: Reverse Cheers!

Prodigal Sons Podcast 68: Reverse Cheers!

Jan 15
Prodigal Sons Podcast 68: Reverse Cheers!

This week!

  • Brian has an interesting cab ride home!
  • Montage, NJ vs. Milford, PA!
  • Jared plays some backroom poker!
  • A couple of mini movie reviews!
  • Everyone loves Cosby jokes!
  • Charlie, Hey Bub!
  • The last Science Time ever!
  • And more!


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  • Archibald Tuttle


  • Archibald Tuttle

    Adam for episode MVP. Hands down.

    Take over the show Adam, use your wookiee strength and science knowledge to assert your dominance. Rip some arms out.

    Guest guy/Vamp Scamp/Water Boy made the awesome Fey/Pohler story 66% less funny in the retelling. “Hey Water Boy, you suck!”

    YES to embarrassing story contest (prediction: Jared wins, strong showing by “Showgirls” and glitter aficionado Ian, Water Boy once touched Vicki Vallencourt’s boobie, Adambacca shot a man in Reno just to watch him die)

    (Fuck you) Fact Checking Service: ahem, though born in Canada, Ted Cruz’s mother was a US citizen. He can be president, sadly.

    • That sure is a lot of Waterboy references. That movie is terrible. I haven’t seen Jack and Jill or a lot of recent Adam Sandler movies, but out of his early movies, Waterboy takes the honor of being the absolute worst.

      And my retelling wasn’t meant to be funny, it was just meant to reiterate how brilliant Tina and Amy are together.

      Thanks for your comments!

      • Archibald Tuttle

        In the Sandler hierarchy of movie suckage, “Waterboy” is far and away NOT the absolute worst. I offer “Little Nicky” as proof. We shall speak no more of this madness. #YourMomma

        • Jared Lanham

          I dare any of you to watch Grown Ups 2, and not tell me it’s the worst.

        • Honestly, trying to figure out which is the better between Waterboy and Little Nicky is like trying to decide which pile of dog shit you would prefer to eat. His voice is so fucking annoying in both of those movies but I thought some of the comedy in Little NIcky was better than Waterboy.

          • Archibald Tuttle

            Little Nicky v. Waterboy, ugh, again?

            I request a floor vote by the three wise men of the Prod Pod to determine the better film.

            If I lose, I will watch Spanglish as punishment and stop calling you Guest Guy.

            If you lose, you have to say: “My Mama says that alligators are ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush” aloud on a podcast, whilst doing your best Bobby Boucher impersonation.

            Or not. “Harry” Tuttle cares only for fixing HVAC without a license.

          • Jared Lanham

            Little Nicky by a landslide.

          • Archibald Tuttle

            A landslide? Et tu Ian, son of Gloian? This is madness. Fact: Little Nicky induces seizures in Japanese kids (only) and causes rectal bleeding in rats. It is THAT bad. The Waterboy had the fucking FONZE! #punchajukebox, #seriousworkprocrastination, #sandlerstillsucks, #Felcher&Poopchance+1

          • Jared Lanham

            Oh I meant Little Nicky was the worst of the two.

    • Oh, and, I would totally touch Fairuza Balk’s boobie.

    • Jared Lanham

      Vamp Scamp and Adambacca….I love it!

  • J.R Kowling

    ‘Do it until it’s Funny’ Official Motto of the Prodigal Sons Podcast!

    • That’s how I live my life bruh

    • Jared Lanham

      Pretty much how I live my life…..dear lord….

  • – actually over an hour, by seven minutes. I hope heads ROLLED for that one!

    – Brian is the albatross of the show. I do my best to get Brian’s references, I’ll do better

    – How can Owen cope without travelling for possibly the first weekend in his life?

    – Most things prior to 1989, movies, TV, comedy, will NEVER fly today

    – Pinky Blinders? I have literally never heard of this

    – Not selling me on this Agent Carter…AND Ralph Garmin is in it? Oh noes…

    – That cab story is CRAZY!

    – Milford the number two gay friendly place in the states? San Francisco is number one, but I’ve seen Rochester and Atlanta higher than Milford?

    – “They all knew your name, they just thought you were gay”

    – Jared: poker snob

    – I hang my hat on what Red Letter Media says about snobby movies

    – I have never seen ‘Reality Bites’ I think that ship has sailed


    – That Orlando Bloom scene from the last Hobbit movie Jared described sounds like the worst thing I’ve ever heard

    – 32:10, someone answer that phone!

    – Listening to the Arite Lange podcast, Bob Levy mentioned on his AM radio show in suburban Boston (something lower than podcasting, BTDUBS) has a character called “Pill Cosby” Not original, but funny

    – Muslismism

    – “That’s a lot a lashes”

    – The Butt People in Milford, good call back

    – Please get Adam’s mom on the show

    – The last Science Time? My mighty heart is breaking

    – Adam’s Ted Cruz impression was a highlight of my day

    – Ian’s going to the podcast by himself? OH, that’s rich!

    – Adam needs to get up on that mic, man! Don’t be afraid!

    – “Those 15 points are legit” oh boy…

    – Can I say my most embarrassing story is that I’ve listened to every episode of the Prod Prod?

    – no, no, Brian said my name as the number one fan

    – I do like the crazy thing to get someone in bed contest

    – RIP ETM, you turkey bodied bastard

    * The ‘Biography’ line Brian said is from an episode of MST3K

    * Brian was referencing the Simpsons episode where Lisa gets Braces & the Power Plant goes on strike. Grandpa’s strike breakers can’t bust heads anymore, but they just tell stories that go nowhere

    • Ian Goff

      It’s Peaky Blinders, I believe it is a netflix original program.