Prodigal Sons Podcast 67: A Bud, Bud?

Prodigal Sons Podcast 67: A Bud, Bud?

Jan 08
Prodigal Sons Podcast 67: A Bud, Bud?

This week!

  • Who will bail first?
  • New Years Eve activities!
  • More Cards Against Humanity talk!
  • Who is the best Doctor? No one cares!
  • Jared hates Science in his Science Fiction!
  • What is Eric Frein’s last meal?
  • Some local flavor via Milford, Pa!
  • A new boring Science Time!!!!

And more!

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  • You did something to the comments! Hit the bricks, Disquss! Also FIRST!
    – cookie mouth opening
    – gust of the show? Did I misspell my precious comments?
    – I think Ian will hang on forever just to spite someone
    – least vested and most work
    – Is Adam one of them fancy beer drinkers?
    – I saw that some video of the women of Downton Abbey playing Cards Against Humanity. No interest
    – Thank you for not “yes anding” Ian about the football cheating.
    – Ian watching Doctor Who? Now I’ve heard everything!
    – Any of the Jurassic movies need real science? Watch documentaries! I want to watch fat guys hiding secrets in shaving cream cans!
    – Ian getting TWO of Brian’s old TV references!
    – Stupid ass millionaires
    – Is this story about my friend Jerry?
    – Just a dusting of gambling and a weird edit
    – This should have been the Ian show today, he was on HOT FIYAH!
    – Jared, does this unnamed friend you went to the casino with listen to the show?
    – Three card monte? Is this story from 1986?
    – Ian’s Hometown Heroes bit needs a jingle
    – No mention of a famous cross dresser on past episodes!
    – “Man clothes” Please get Bridget on the show
    – I’m all for the Be A Little Weird netword, BTW
    – I’ll expect this Black Widow/Hulk gif sent to my home, thank you
    – And glad to see Sailor Jerry and the stinger make a return

    • Brian

      God damn Disqus. All I did was update the plugin and it defaulted to needing to approve all comments. Will fix later. This is all about unfiltered!

  • First Commenter? Woo Hoo!
    I wasn’t really able to take notes since I was listening while I was doing things around the house while the baby was conked out. But I did listen and it was another great show. And Jared’s story about his friend’s money intervention/theft was great.

    Also, I kinda like the Network With No Name as well. Although I’m still rooting for Be A Little Weird Productions, even if Brian isn’t sure.

    • Jared has the best stories. Also, I expect our numbers to increase by 1 (your baby has ears for listening!)