Prodigal Sons Podcast 66: Electrified!!

Prodigal Sons Podcast 66: Electrified!!

Jan 01
Prodigal Sons Podcast 66: Electrified!!

This week!

  • The boys talk about their Holidays!
  • Is Jared getting old, or thinking about suicide?
  • Another Podcast/Web Show fight!
  • One of us saw The Interview!
  • Ian’s Hometown Heroes!
  • We talk some video games!
  • The Son’s destroy Christmas!
  • Azalia Banks wants her money!
  • The future shape of women!

And more!

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Enjoy the show!

  • Archibald Tuttle

    First commenter. I win.

    Liked Ian’s story. Reminded me of the Darwin awards. Speaking of games on steam, I highly recommend Divinity: Original Sin. I was sad to see that game end.

  • – We’re finally tied, that being us and Dadstractions. Who will miss an episode next? Tune in to find out!

    – When you have kids, you lie to your spouse about not getting them something for Christmas, then go way over your budget.

    – the Watch that Shocks You? I’ve never seen this commercial

    – Buy yourself stuff for Christmas? What a country!

    – I could go for some Koala Jerky right about now

    – Those Magic the Gathering tattoos were great ideas, Uncle Istivan name drop!

    – Tuesday Strip Clubbin during the holiday season sounds like a much better idea than gambling

    – Don’t you go sassing Fresher, now!

    – Love the GLOW reference as well!

    – I like the idea that Jared claims he paid to see ‘The Interview’

    – WHOA! Kayfabe on that Lego Movie third act reveal!

    – He Came to Burgle Berks County…literally

    – All this talk of TF2 and Siv, I really have no idea what you’re talking about. I know they are video games, but after that, I’m done

    – I have not the slightest idea or care about this Iggy Azalia nonsense

    – “Now, this Tea Party website I’m on…” I’m worried you’re becoming The Man, Jared

    – “This is why we need old Bill Cosby back” oh Adam

    – There is too much in the world about butts, however, I am a woman man. I like the whole package

    – What a wacky show this week, boys

  • I enjoyed this week’s show, regardless of how you guys felt about it. And considering I’ve turned off an episode half way through before, you guys know I would tell you if I didn’t like the episode.

    -I’d argue that Brian should have gotten a Pebble instead of a fitbit, it can do the exact same fitness tracking, but can do so much more as well. Still loving mine!

    -I love how simplified you guys made the progression from opening a bakery to getting a reality TV show. Sad part is, it honestly seems to be that easy!

    -Ian has no friends in Williamsport! I consider myself a friend of his in Williamsport, regardless of whether he acknowledges it or not.Hopefully there in be some bonding if the Prodigal Sons truly to come to town in March.

    -I’m pretty sure I gave you at least one network name idea on a previous show’s comments. The one I remember for sure was “One Big Happy Family Network” with the logo being either a picture or drawing (paging Tom Derenick) of the Prod Podders beating the crap out of each other.

    -“OK” is easily the best review I’ve heard of the Interview. Everyone else has said it was pretty much terrible.

    -David reviews “into the Woods” on Podvocacy this week. So if you really wanna know about it…

    -I think PA has a great chance of becoming the next Florida. Might take a while but I think we can do it!

    -“Since this is going to all be cut out…” DRINK!

    -Glad I gave up on Hearthstone. Every people who love it say its super hard.

    -I am firmly in the cannot stand Neil Degrasse Tyson camp, despite the fact I think his Christmas tweets were hilarious. Such a condescending prick. That said, I would love for all of you to watch the Saving Christmas trailer and rip it to shreds. Maybe next Christmas.

    -Good on ya, Jared, for going to new sources you may not agree with and for researching what you read instead of accepting it as fact. If more people did that we’d have a much less stupid society.

    Once again, enjoyed the guys.

    • Upon further review, I cannot find any comments I made with network names in it so I stand corrected. I shall put my thinking cap on immediately….

    • Jared Lanham

      You can contact Ian via Snail Mail to let him know you are his friend, but I doubt he checks that too.

      • I shall use carrier pigeons! No one can ignore that!

  • Dustin AKA Doc Hatter

    Okay first and foremost. I love DADSTRACTIONS way more then that fucking idiotic fresher and parlance bullshit. Watch out Ian and Adam they might use their drone to hunt you down in an open field. The eye patch makes you look really scary. I don’t want them to come and blow yer timbers. Who starts out with fucking New Years Resolutions? Atleast I listened to a good portion of Dadstractions. I couldn’t even get through 30 minutes of fresher and parlance podcast and how dare you have the nerve to want to be apart of the family with Podvacy, Dadstractions, and the Prod Pod. You cats aint even worth the ears of 25 juvenile deliquents in a south carolina prison. I wouldve been jumped if I played this show, unlike the Prodpod. btw fellas the boys say hello I got a letter from them. My buddy took up playing the podcast for them after high demand. Leonard I meant what I said in good fun, I actually heard the whole show, you do tend to rant but thats cool I do that too, I meant that whole thing about defending Bryan and Crushing on Adam. Ian you fucking rock but sometimes the positivity kills me dude… Take a stab at those fucking keyboard tough guys. #Fuckfresher and btw it was a great show last week.

  • Not a lot of success with network names, but you could also just go with Be A Little Weird Productions or something like that. Brian did technically have the first network show since Longbox was on another network at the time. Just a thought.