Prodigal Sons Podcast 65: Dickfingers!!

Prodigal Sons Podcast 65: Dickfingers!!

Dec 25
Prodigal Sons Podcast 65: Dickfingers!!

This Week!

  • We discuss listener comments!
  • A new podcast/webshow rivalry!
  • Ian is wrong again!
  • Can anything be hacked?
  • Who’s lives are more important?
  • Who should get paid more?
  • Why are there so many questions??
  • And more!

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Enjoy the show!

  • Merry Christmas, Little prodders!

    – Sacrifice a goat? Are we mixing offending cultures?

    – Ian’s ideas of how things work confuses me, but Jared boils Cards Against Humanity down to its bare essentials

    – There is a great article about Cards Against Humanity, its humble beginnings and recent controversies, but I can’t find it. Stupid internet.

    – The 8% percent! I get jokes, Brian!

    – Who even knew Ian read the comments or emails?

    – Not you, Cisco! I hope I get real undrepressed real fast

    – I’m glad I haven’t gone down the Heartstone road, just Puzzle Quest for me!

    – “I’m Leonard’s bitch!” Brian AS ALWAYS speaking the truth!

    – Ian with ultra mega mass homicide shots fired at Fresher & Parlance!!!!!!!

    – And we live in a world where Jared is peace maker and shit stirrer at the same time, handing out the harsh punishments

    – “Cause subtracting 3 from 12 is hard work”

    – re: all the ‘Interview’ stuff, this is just a light being shown on us, as a nation, that we are cowards

    – Not to split hairs on the Bill Mahr/ABC thing, after his 9/11 remarks, advertisers THREATENED to pull completely from ABC, but never actually did, which caused ABC to fire him. The more things change, the more they still suck.

    – That human c-pap machine idea is great!

    – White Potatoes have been considered a fresh vegetable in my folks home for years!

    – I was almost about to say ‘there will not be a revolution in our lifetime’ until Jared mentioned the food thing. Great, scary point

    – a radio oldie to close things out! Glad I didn’t steal the raw feed!

  • Hello, Prodders! I listened to the majority of the episode while grocery shopping so I wasn’t able to take my usual notes. Thankfully, good ol’ Leonard already commented so I have notes of a sort.
    -I was thinking pretty much exactly what Ian said as I listened to the comments about Adam and his view on Gamergate on Fresh and Par last week. They should have just waited til Adam could come on.
    -I’ve played Hearthstone once so far. Not really my bag it would seem.
    -I still think the Sony hack was an inside job. I think if N. Korea did it, they would be admitting it. Also, I know it’s from RT, but others also think it was from the inside
    -I also like the human cpap idea. That way I have someone I could actually punch when the godamned thing keeps waking me up every couple of hours.
    -My recent sleep study only ran $2400, which is a steal compared to what Jared’s was.
    -And finally, thanks the the Podvocacy shoutouts this week. Cannot tell you how grateful I am for any plugs we get.

    • Jared Lanham

      Cpap machines wake you up? Or you just wake because of the whole set up?

      • They do when you’re first getting used to them, Jared. It’s not easy. I was hoping I wouldn’t have much of an issue but it’s been kinda rough so far. Once you’re used to them they are wonderful. Or so I’ve been told. I’ll report back once I’ve had more time with it.

  • J.R Kowling

    First time commenter long time listener! Please get Ian on Dadstractions SOON! We are all clamoring for his advice on the best baby shampoo that causes the least irritation but effectively removes stripper glitter from a baby’s head or his ‘how to’ guide on smuggling a newborn through a casino floor!

    • Jared Lanham

      Shit, if those were the topics…I might start listening to Dadstractions!

  • Archibald Tuttle

    Though I hate the twitter, I saw that Ian’s good name was besmirched by Felcher and Poopchance. Ian is a pillar of the show, when he does contribute.

    Loved all the political commentary last show (effing commies) and was surprised that Brian Gust Guy was so involved, and also surprised that Ian was so silent. Maybe he had stripper glitter in his eyes. It happens.

    Can I make a request to get Dustin as a guest? I respect that guy’s angry attitude.

    • Jared Lanham

      I’m thinking of giving you and Dustin your own show!