Prodigal Sons Podcast 63: Bill Cosby, Are You Listening?

Prodigal Sons Podcast 63: Bill Cosby, Are You Listening?

Dec 11
Prodigal Sons Podcast 63: Bill Cosby, Are You Listening?

This week!

  • Fallout from last week’s show!
  • Gall Bladder News!
  • Indictment? Nah!
  • Adam and Jared go out and do something!
  • More strip club talk!
  • We discuss Cosby again!
  • A new Twitter Pitch!
  • And more!

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Enjoy the show!

  • – I HATE Man in the Box from that terrible SNL skit. I only know it’s even a thing because of Brian

    – and HOW DARE you decry the good name of Ted McGinley

    – “I’m always pro-Jared feeling good” said a liar

    – It’s Brian’s fault the show is almost two hours long? Ian is ALL OVER THE PLACE!

    – 9:34 for the Sailor Jerry name drop #podcastPSA

    – followed by a weird edit (possibly) before we get into the sleep study discussion

    – all right, Jared, enough with the Lando defense…and don’t be bringing up those Star Wars books, they aren’t real!

    – I love Rich Evans. That is all. Just wish those shirts weren’t $30 a pop, even with free stickers

    – Why AHNOLD isn’t a 100% CG character at this point, I’ll never know

    – Let’s talk about not talking about the Arrow/Flash crossover!

    – A flashback with funky rewind effect! Like a real podcast!

    – I really don’t want to bag on the cops TOO hard, however, FOR THE MOST PART, cops are the local meat heat from high school or someone with some issues of violence or mental illness issues. To serve and protect…

    – Major League Yabos – wrap it up, everyone, show’s over

    – If only Leo’s Roadhouse was still open….

    – Oh, Jared, that story about the Walt Simonson stripper…fantastic!