Prodigal Sons Podcast 58: It’s Pumpkin Spice Season, Son!

Prodigal Sons Podcast 58: It’s Pumpkin Spice Season, Son!

Nov 06
Prodigal Sons Podcast 58: It’s Pumpkin Spice Season, Son!

This week!

  • The boys discuss their Halloween weekends.
  • Jared has PTSD!
  • The Manhunt is over!
  • College Sports?
  • Click or Clack? One of them died!
  • Car Talk! What podcast is this??
  • #Gamergate

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Enjoy the show!

  • – I’m not confused. You guys are the Prodders and we’re your Little Prodders!

    – I’ll miss “Hooray its Ian!”

    – Lowest rated show? Least amount of viewers? Episode 53 was lower, but who’s counting?

    – I’m more taken aback that there is a new Halloween.

    – “I know white people love to do that”

    – Ian can’t be bothered to talk about pop culture, TV shows, news, but when it comes to shelves, STAND BACK!

    – “He’s ‘Sex and the City’ gay”

    – You dropped your therapist, I agree with Ian, you should have waited for after the election! I’m guessing the next therapist will be a pre-op trans gender

    – The Diaper Sniper? So dumb

    – What sort of people are on your Facebook, Jared? WOW!

    – With all the news outlets in Milford, that would have been a perfect time to plug the Prod Prod!

    – Can we get this Stoner Network involved with our Network?

    – This would have been a perfect time to discuss which cars are for boys and which ones are for girls!

    – I know very little of “Gamer Gate”, sorry, #GamerGate, so let’s hunker down…and let’s go down that rabbit hole

    – “Social Justice Warriors”? REALLY?

    – Adam Baldwin? How deep does this go?!?!?

    – I’ve lamented this before, but in comics DC gives actual physical comps to many different websites, the majority of which, trash DC to high heaven, so why would gaming be any different?

    – How does one accidentally get an iPhone? And a free tablet? What is going on here?

    – The mouse died there at the end