Prodigal Sons Podcast 12: The Spocker, The Showstopper and The Minivan

Prodigal Sons Podcast 12: The Spocker, The Showstopper and The Minivan

Dec 19
Prodigal Sons Podcast 12: The Spocker, The Showstopper and The Minivan

This week on the Prodigal Sons Podcast:

  • Brian is sick and gets nothing accomplished
  • Ian watches four terrible movies
  • Listener feedback about Ep. 11
  • R Kelly is still trapped in the closet and Ian hopes he gets out soon
  • A tribute to Peter O’Toole
  • Brian’s review of “Dredd”
  • Jared and Brian review “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”


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Enjoy the show!


  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    – Did I mention I like the theme song? I like your guys theme song. Gets me pumped!
    – Ian, that Street festival thing sounds like a blast, Jared just doesn’t like things. But man those movies you watched, sounds terrible
    – I as well not a fan of the political discussion last week only because I’m not a fan of political talk period. >BUT< because it was you guys, I was able to draw some enjoyment from it. I eagerly await next
    week’s discussion of the Duck Dynasty thing.
    – If Jared is going to eliminate the discussion of his online dating, that needs to be a separate podcast. Or you can just leave it on my voice mail.
    – A woman with the physical stature of Wonder Woman does not exist. And if she does, she’s probably not a good actor. Or even an actor. Is that the sacrifice you make to have someone kinda sorta look like what a few people (less than 25,000) feel she should look like?
    – Now, while Adam has his own mic, he needs to speak into it.
    – The Bridge is the pinnacle of soul crushing. I am very aware of
    Black Fish and want to see, but just like I never saw the Cove mainly because I like to watch movies with April and there is NO WAY IN HELL she would be able to handle this movie.
    – I have zero point zero interest in any of these new Hobbit films. I think I’ve got my fill of the extended cuts of the first three.
    – Brian, you RUBE, going to see Hobbitt 2 in 3-D AND high frame rate. Just burn your money instead of leaving the house. Even for the first show of the say. YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER!
    – I was duped into seeing Avatar as well. April & I were leaving the Robert Downey Sherlock Holmes movie and we ran into Doug’s buddy Kurt, whose opinion on movies I respect greatly. He was in line to see Avatar for the THIRD time. So April and I went to see it the following week and were immensely disappointed.
    – Was the pillow purchased a Tom Hiddleston pillow? That was for me.
    – And enough with the “this is the worst episode we ever did.” It makes me not want to listen since you guys seem to are admittedly putting out an inferior product. I feel like I’m wasting my time.

    • Thanks for the comments! For as many comments we got
      about not wanting to hear politics, we also had just as many who said
      those shows were very entertaining. Most of our shows have a loose agenda going into them; a lot of the
      conversation is very organic. For me, if people are giving us
      feedback, good or bad, it means they are listening! ^BE

  • -j-

    yes you guys hate the south. Still listen to the show.

    • Glad you still listen to the show. And, I don’t think we hate “The South” as much as we have a complete difference of opinion on almost everything that goes on there…

  • Raymond Clevenger

    The South is awful. Southerners can be ok, but “The South” is awful.

    Ghost Ship WAS a good movie. Suck it. On a related note, Julianna Margulies is hot.