Prodigal Sons Podcast 70: That’s What She Said!

Prodigal Sons Podcast 70: That’s What She Said!

Feb 05
Prodigal Sons Podcast 70: That’s What She Said!

This week!

  • What the hell is been going on for 2 weeks??
  • H1Z1!
  • Some of us saw The Super Bowl!
  • Some new movie trailer discussion!
  • Ian’s Hometown Heroes news!
  • Anti Vaxxers?
  • The Oscars!
  • And more!

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  • – Yeah, that’s right, you take week off, I steal the episode early
    – You have talked about Randy Quaid but never specifically mentioned to ‘Star Whackers’
    – Didn’t record due to weather? Too much snow in front of he mics?
    – That ‘Telestrations’ game sounds terribly unfun
    – I hope this zombie game you are playing doesn’t stand in the way of your other obligations
    – These MMO’s seem to bring out the worst in people.
    – Not EVEN touching that Dianna situation
    – What sort of prop bets did Jared’s unnamed friend make? I’d assume Artie Lange level
    – ‘Most days I feel like NFL is on the fixed side’ no more than NCAA Basketball or MMA
    – I knew nothing about this new Terminator movie other than a Doctor Who is in it. Now, with Jared explanation of it, no interest
    – With no Podvocacy this week, I’m glad you are talking about these genre things
    – Any j/o can post on Facebook or otherwise. It takes gumption, drive and effort to write a letter.
    – “Pro-choice vaccination” horrible. I blame Chris Hardwick
    – With that Oscar racism thing, I’m more shocked that Maxim is being printed.
    – I wish then end of the show was just me singing the Beetlejuice song

    • Yes, thanks for taking on the genre talk for us since we were off this week.