Prodigal Sons 64: Death To The Sony!!

Prodigal Sons 64: Death To The Sony!!

Dec 18
Prodigal Sons 64: Death To The Sony!!

This week!

  • Adam updates us on his business venture!
  • Jared pimps the podcast in a very interesting way!
  • Pennsylvania, you never let us down!
  • The world has gone nuts!
  • We discuss the Sony hack!
  • Yay for torture!
  • Science Time returns!
  • And more!

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Enjoy the show!

  • – Getting that RAW audio, daddy!

    – An Adam style week is what we all long for

    – I’ve fallen behind on South Park only because TV is so good these days.

    – Ian has sworn off checking emails a LONG time ago!

    – That doc, “Six Days to Air” is GREAT, highly recommended!

    – That web cam story was awesome. All time top five of the show.

    – Why bother with a t-shirt, just a sign will do. Bravo to your gumption, Jared!

    – The 300 guys rooting for you to get with her sounds like a scene out of the Accused

    – “Long time fan of the show, Police Violence”

    – Sounds like Australia is still a penal colony?

    – I really did not know the Sony hack was as big as it was until just this week.

    – I didn’t hear about that Spider-Man comedy from Sony, but yeah, they’re terrible

    – I said the day after Guardians of the Galaxy came out that next Star Trek and Star Wars films would be making changes with the line “make this more like Guardians of the Galaxy” Glad to see I was right?

    – There was also social security numbers of ex-employees in there as well. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a HUGE class action lawsuit against Sony over this. And then Marvel will get the rights back on Spider-Man for a song and a dance.

    – As for the Interview, I told my buddy Jerry today, I remember MONTHS ago, North Korea saying if this movie is released, there will be repercussions. And Sony did NOTHING, in fact, they were hacked and then further did nothing. Part of me thinks they allowed it to happen since it’s not a good movie and now, it’s a movie everyone wants to see. I had no desire to see this before (I think the team of Rogan & Franco is a bit over rated, but I’m not a stoner) and have no desire to see it today.

    – My theories are not as crazy as Ian’s, though…

    – Teeth & balls, glad to see you have a line, Jared

    – Running out of time?!?! Now, I hate you!

    – You ran off another commenter! I’ll always be here for you

  • Dustin AKA Doc Hatter

    Well, I dont know about everybody else but how dare he, who shall not be named but viewed below this comment, say “Running out of time?!?! Now, I hate you!” followed by another bullet of “You ran off another commenter! I’ll always be here for you” is complete Bull shit. I think even though not all of us leave comments on a regular basis, we all have the ability to reach out to you to individually. Not only should Jared make one t-shirt you should mass produce t shirts for your fans. The real ones not the ones that just support Brian or a mancrush style love affair with a science geek that we enjoy learning from much like Bill Nye with an awesome hair. Brian, I enjoy the twitter pitch. However, I must say I tried listening to DadStractions to support Brian but this Guy below my comment just drones on and on and sounds so self entitled and feels like his shit is just so cool. I honestly think he feels like hes the real number one fan. Where were you when Brian was gone? Were you here? Were you listening? Do I have everybody’s attention now?(tribute to CM Punk)(Sorry I know hes an indie commentator) I am a keyboard tough guy just like the “North Korean Hackers”. I aint scare of you no more with that hideous icon. Good Lawd Man. BTW it was good show…

  • -Once again, Jared has the BEST stories.
    -So I guess making me a shirt to wear at Comic Con next year is out of the question now, huh.
    -Jared, any chance you could write on her chest next time?
    -The Scientology Wars will be epic.
    -I’ve heard someone describe Hollywood as high school, but with money. Sony seems to confirm this.
    -An interesting thing that no one has really talked about is that in the last year, Sony has laid off about 7000 people, including their digital division. They basically destroyed the IT department. Inside job, anyone?
    -Was I the only one who thought it sounded like the Iron Sheik wrote the Sony threat?
    -I love Ian’s theory. I think it’s closer to the truth than North Korea. Regardless of what the FBI said.
    -The torture report just makes me sick, and not just because it means I have to agree with John McCain. However, I think it’s hilarious how terrible everyone is saying this is, but no one cared that Zero Dark Thirty showed torture and was nominated for picture of the year. If it’s terrible in real life, it shouldn’t be celebrated in movies.
    -You guys missed one big way that politicians make their millions: insider trading. Whether its being tipped off on a huge trade or using the information they gather in various committees, senators and representatives cannot be prosecuted for insider trading. And if you want to see what trades and stock options a congressmen has, you have to go to the BASEMENT of the Library of Congress and look it up in a book. It is not published anywhere else. I’m betting it makes them more money then even lobbyists do.
    -Til next time, fellas.

    • Jared Lanham

      Next time I’m up there, it’s Podvacy all the way on the breasts!

  • Archibald Tuttle

    Liked the political commentary on this ep. Agree with Jared that McCain regained a bit of his old maverick cred. Also, chicken-hawk Cheney is the worst.

    Medieval box-maker Adam biffed on some facts this ep. Jared was right, GWB did mention going to Mars (and back to the moon), and the Sunni-Shia animus initially began over who would succeed Muhammad. Sorry Adam.

    I googled guest guy/re-permanent MTG guy and saw the article mentioned in this ep. Holy crap that it is google-able. I’d issue a nerd alert, but I actually applaud you for having the balls to do what you like and not give two figs about it. Plus, you DJed in a strip club. Man-cred restored if you ever remember a Jared-esque tale.

    Jared, I also applaud your superhuman power to bend space-time so as to always finagle your way into balls-crazy scenarios. You need a series of beer commercials showcasing your many achievements. I name thee (though I have zero authority) a “Magnificent Scumbag.” That’s like four levels higher than a Jedi Master. I shit you not. Somewhere Yoda is crying. Like a lot.

    • It has never been a secret that I am a nerd. I love my gaming in all shapes and sizes. Jared is, in fact, a magnificent scumbag, but with a heart of gold.

      • Jared Lanham

        You guys are gonna make me cry….into a hookers ass.