Prodigal Sons 62: Where We’ve Been (And How Far We Haven’t Come)

Prodigal Sons 62: Where We’ve Been (And How Far We Haven’t Come)

Dec 04
Prodigal Sons 62: Where We’ve Been (And How Far We Haven’t Come)

This week on the Prodigal Sons podcast:

  • Medical procedure on the horizon for Jared …
  • … but first he has a run-in with an old “friend”
  • And, a REAL eye-opening peak into the Sons’ past.

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Enjoy the show!


  • Archibald Tuttle

    Wait a sec, we have to suffer through those god-awful tapes with nothing about the Star Wars teaser trailer? What the hell? Fix this, be better geeks.

    Also, please, no more old tapes. Burn them or let Adam macgyver them into bookshelves, anything. You should have kept living the lie.

    To your credit, at least you are all WAY better now at your “radio” craft.

    • Jared Lanham

      One vote for destroying the tapes! Unfortunately you are the only one…besides Ian of course!

  • – Peeeeek a BOOO! That song will always make me think of Beavis & Butthead

    – The staging of that announcement, oh boy…me and Gally down by the school yard

    – Did Brian name drop “Pit Pat”?

    – and Belial from “Basket Case”! It is just for me!

    – Did Ian say “details” weird?

    – Houston and Blue Iris talk? I LOVE IT already!

    – Watched the dog show? SO LAME

    – No one else used to come out to visit for Thanksgiving? NO ONE?

    – That grocery store story was great, but going out on Thanksgiving Eve is bad times

    – The therapist returns! You both run in the same circles!

    – The old tapes! This monkey leg thing doesn’t see to be as important as Jared I making it, but let’s find out!

    – “I knew we weren’t great”

    – Jared sounds like a BABY!

    – Ian actually sounds the same!

    – A SKIV?

    – I would like to say that old radio bit wasn’t terrible. I would like to, but I can’t…

    – They are calling Brian ‘Corn’ during this! Only April still does that!

    – God bless you, Ian for liking that Bush tune still in 2014

    – You do not sound like a usual ‘yukka yukka’ DJ, Jared, again it was the time, man. You are being WAY too hard on yourself!

    – ‘How EAR it was’

    – Was there a conspiracy about Chris Farley’s death? Are you just making things up?

    – I say, absolutely, RELEASE THE TAPES! May I suggest letting them play and THEN commenting on them?

    – Today is not the height of political correctness?

  • I took notes while listening at work, because by-gum-it you bastards are worth it!
    -I’m probably late in this, but good luck with your surgery, Jared

    -At this point, I want an episode of just Jared’s stories since everyone else keeps shutting him down.

    -Just put out the damn 0 episode already. Everyone has one (including me and David)

    -The tapes. Oh, the tapes. Those glorious, magnificent tapes. Love that they exist so much.

    -The background music during the tapes is top notch.

    -Laughed out loud at the “Just don’t do it in New Jersey” callback.

    -As I said on Twitter, #ReleaseTheTapes

    -And you know what else, you guys do have a good podcast. Just want you to know that.

    -Can’t wait for next week’s episode where Jared tells the story of his racist therapist showing up for his surgery out of nowhere. Keep it up guys!

    • Jared Lanham

      So I’m thinking, once a month we have a segment called “What the Fuck Were We Thinking?” and then play one bit of tape.
      I also like The Jared Stories episode idea!

      • Sure, let’s let the listeners build the show.

        • Archibald Tuttle

          Hurray, compromise. Yes, once a month dip into the tapes of righteous shame on “WTF Were We Thinking?”. Sweet idea Jared.

          Other potential segments: “Stripperland Tales by DJ Korn” (would love to hear those), “Porntime with Ian,” “Built by Adam,” “The Weekly STFU” (to annoying commenters), and “Maybe-True Stories by Jared.”

          • Jared Lanham

            None of my stories are false….my memory of them may be way off! But I believe they are true!

          • If only I could remember most of what happened for the five months I worked as a strip club DJ. I have a few choice stories but most have them have been long forgotten. I’ll see what I can rattle out of my old decrepit brain.

      • I can live with one a month.