Prodigal Sons 61: Master Fantastic and Heavy Boots!

Prodigal Sons 61: Master Fantastic and Heavy Boots!

Nov 27
Prodigal Sons 61: Master Fantastic and Heavy Boots!

This week!

  • The Sons make an attempt at doing a commercial!
  • The Thanksgiving Extravaganza!
  • Adam’s new business venture!
  • Snerd Snell!
  • Dewritos?
  • We discuss The Cos, Theo!!!
  • Ferguson update!
  • Science Time!
  • Staggering Stats!
  • And more!

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Enjoy the show!


  • Archibald Tuttle

    Thank you for putting a name to the foul rank that is snerd. Other than that, rename that episode “Phoning It In 101.”

    • Jared Lanham

      Glad we could help!
      And thanks for letting us know what you thought about all our hard work!

    • Thanks for the feedback Archie. And thanks for listening. Keep up the hard work!

  • Best part of having four days is being able to listen and actually take notes to respond to you guys.
    -Want a good solution to those click bait headlines that are total BS? SavedYouAClick on twitter. Click baitors hate it so you know it’s good.
    -Here are tips for when you get pulled over. This will help you not get shot.
    -put your window down and have your hands ON the steering wheel when they come to the window.
    -Tell them where your license and registration are and ASK if you can reach for them.
    -another good tip I’ve heard is to have an absolutely goofy ass smile on your license when you get the picture taken. Might get a laugh and puts them in a more relaxed state (Note: haven’t tried this one yet but I have heard that it actually works. Depends on the officer though I’m sure.)
    -Finally, be polite. Yes, they probably pulled you over for a BS reason, but being a dick only makes it worse.
    -Another great gamergate discussion. Of course there are other factors but Adam brought up the facts that a lot of people were forgetting when people started arguing about it in the first place.
    -Bill Cosby. Oh Bill Cosby. I wish it weren’t true. Sure seems to be though. I don’t agree with people discounting everything he has said regarding fathers not abandoning their families and pulling their pants up though. A lot of people, Including Hannibal Buress, seem to think that that message is null because of everything he’s done. If Buress really cared he’d pick up the mantle.
    -An interesting point regarding the unemployement rate: Since about 1994 the way it’s been calculated has changed significantly in several ways, all of which are to make it look more favorable (of course). There’s a site called Shadow Stats that show the current calculation using the PRE 1994 method, and it appears to be much higher, about 24% as opposed to around the 6% that is the official number or the 12% that is the broadest estimate. So my question is, when people say close to 30%, is it really because are dumb, or because they see that about 30% of the people they know are unemployed. Here’s a link to the chart. (NOTE: The link is there, it’s just really dark)
    -Speaking of smart watches, I have a Pebble and I freaking love it.
    -I got the moon question right! Hooray for Jason! (Sorry Ian)
    -As much as I agree about our media being complete crap, don’t be too confident about the foreign press either. The BBC reports a lot of the same stuff our media does. I do believe Al Jazeera is a better source though. Also, France 24 and RT (even if just to see the Russians report the exact opposite of what we do)
    -I wouldn’t trust Bill Maher much more than the media itself. All of his campaign contributions go to the democratic party including, I believe, around a million to Obama’s reelection. Trust me, he isn’t going to spend that much of his money and NOT want to you think exactly as he does. I don’t watch him so I’m not sure if he discloses such things but I doubt it.
    -Finally, you guys should just become Independent like me. Makes it so much easier to dislike both sides when they are total a-holes.
    -Great show this week, guys. Keep it up. As much as I miss you guys talking about movies and tv shows, I’m also glad David and I don’t have the competition!

    -Wait, I commented before Leonard? Wow.

    • Jared Lanham

      All good tips….need to get a new photo on my license!
      Also I would actually classify myself as Independent, not that it would appear that way.
      And I packed in TV/Movie talk after hearing you guys, we can’t do it justice…other then saying “That sucked!” or “I liked it!”

  • – a pre credits sequence where everyone sounds blitzed!

    – WOW! Really putting your all into those reads

    – No editing whatsoever on this week’s show, boy HOWDY!

    – I’m going to reach out to Sailor Jerry to see if he wants to be a sponsor

    – No one likes Broadway, Brian

    – The sad trombone placement was fantastic

    – I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t care about “Jurassic World”

    – Custom Deck boxes? Finally, the show is making money!

    – Zita Cola? I remember when Pepsi tried floating a Kona Cola, coffee flavored beverage in the late 90’s

    – A miniature Grand Canyon? No clue either!

    – The miniature Mount Rushmore should be your four! Get on that, Adam!

    – I do not know nearly as much about famous people from our area

    – I am proud to say I’ve only seen one Taylor Swift video. It was with the sound off at a Smokey Bones. It was pretty good

    – Since I never cared about news anyway, I never click on anything anyone posts on FB

    – “Stupid Adam from the Future!”

    – Jared couldn’t have sounded less hip not knowing who “Hannibal Buress” is. Congrats, you beat me!

    – The Cosby stuff dates back to, at least in my consciousness, 1997 when the film ‘Booty Call’ was coming out and Bill went out, decrying the movie. They played clips of this on Stern which shook the first one or two women with rape charges out of the woodwork. Then, they just disappeared.

    – Todd has a great story about Cobsy’s racism as well. Paraphrased: his cousin went to Temple University, where between roofying broads, he is the commencement speaker emeritus for graduations. Todd’s cousin was on track team and there on a scholarship and being honored at this particular graduation. Cosby, seeing the panel of people being honored had a lone white face, threw a HUGE fit, saying “what kind of school would honor someone like HIM” pointing at Todd’s cousin

    – “I’m not a big fan of rape”

    – This Adam vs. Parlance thing is going to be something else. I imagine lots of screaming. The little research I’ve done on #GamerGate certainly does put the onus on Parlance to prove Adam wrong

    – That Noah’s Arc story is true! I saw the documentary about it, with Russell Crowe fighting rock monsters!

    – I didn’t get Brian’s “Brazil” reference, so his explanation was delightfully confusing

    – What a disaster this week and I LOVED it!

    • I too can confirm the miniature Grand Canyon exists as I’ve been there. Also, thanks for the additional information on Cosby. Having first hand examples to prove his racism puts me firmly on the “He’s a dick” side.