Prodigal Sons 60: An Erotic Re-Telling of the Great Gatsby

Prodigal Sons 60: An Erotic Re-Telling of the Great Gatsby

Nov 20
Prodigal Sons 60: An Erotic Re-Telling of the Great Gatsby

This week!

  • Ian goes to Vegas!
  • Jared shares some Vegas stories!
  • Humans landed stuff on a comet!
  • Ferguson, A Love Story!
  • Adam gets robbed!
  • And much more!


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Enjoy the show!


  • – I’m not hearing this cannon, but Brian two weeks in a row? Possible Dadstractions return? Sounds unlikely…

    – “Crying about god knows what” possibly that the kid has never spent a weekend without some sort of jet setting since he was born?

    – The humidifier and fan for white noise are a must for all children when travelling

    – That is the one thing that will get me out to Vegas and that’s Penn & Teller

    – I just learned the story of the Great Gatsby this weekend on a wrestling road trip

    – There is a “Dick’s Last Resort” on the waterfront in Baltimore and we’ve avoided it like the plague every year

    – “And such a big target!” I would have circled back on that one, Brian

    – Glad Jared brought up the Artie Lange adventures at the sports book. No parlays to high school lacrosse

    – “Every time Damon & I would bring an escort back to the house” So this was a regular thing?

    – The phrase “break the internet” may be the worst thing ever. Just makes people sound dumb

    – And off of this, that dudes shirt is the rest of society’s take away from landing on a comet is even more dumb than that Karsashian pic

    – Uncle Jemima and Mash Liquor

    – I do like how cavalier Adam is about being robbed at gun point multiple times

    – Ten shows is all it takes? Are we the grand fathers of this ‘the Network’ then?