Prodigal Sons 52: Dickson Cox, Private Eye

Prodigal Sons 52: Dickson Cox, Private Eye

Sep 25
Prodigal Sons 52: Dickson Cox, Private Eye

This week!

  • We pay tribute to another fallen celebrity!
  • Jared comes up with another money making scheme!
  • The boys discuss some movies like the old days!
  • The Fappening Too! It’s still Fappening! The Second Coming!
  • Crisis in North East PA!
  • We talk about a man with horrible problem.
  • If 2 breasts are great, 3 are even better!

And more!

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Enjoy the show!

  • ChikaraSon of Satan

    – Even though I grabbed it early, I wanted to get the actual episode for the theme song

    – Brian’s back! YAY! Glad to hear it!

    – Longbox Heroes = “all this other garbage”

    – I would listen to Chris’s podcast BTDUBS

    – Very excited to hear you’re guys take on Gotham.

    – I called the Randy of the Redwoods 900 number.

    – In all my years, I have never heard this Vee Jay audition from Brian! I can only hope it was it was Babab Booey esque

    – Ian reading TMZ regularly, very strange

    – Truly, a touching tribute to Eric the Ack Ack-tor

    – I as well, was one of many, MANY people I know directly who Eric blocked on Twitter

    – It absolutely sounded like Adam said ‘Hot Sharts’

    – Did Pete also want to apologize to his wife Nancy about the Jessica Hahn hot tub incident as well?

    – An animation studio? Get someone to flash animate some MS Paint drawings and you’re good!

    – Brian’s exasperation after FIFTY TWO episodes that the rest of the gang don’t know how Twitter works explains a lot

    – At this point, I have most people blocked on Facebook and only use it for:

    – the secret wrestling chats I’m part of

    – look at pictures of friend’s kids

    – Marvel Puzzle Quest

    – I will not include this in post on the site, however, you’re get rich quick scheme is Adam and Jared doing an Evan Tube/Disney Collector like channel. But opening things like bottle of whiskey, video games, etc.

    – “I’ve got a quick funny ebola blurb” should be said by no one ever

    – Still waiting for that review of last week’s Longbox Heroes….